petty cakes (cherubrawk) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
petty cakes

DaBaby viciously slaps woman at his concert

DaBaby brutally assaulted a fan Saturday night as he made his way to the stage. After the attack, the crowd was so enraged that the show ended before it began.

The rapper was at Whiskey North in Tampa for his "Up Close N Personal" tour when a woman waved her phone in his direction, presumably to get a pic. When she got too close for comfort with the camera, he open palm slapped the fan across the face.

DaBaby issued an apology to the woman he hit, implying he thought he hit a man, and couldn't tell the difference because she was shining a light on his face incredibly close.

The woman who DaBaby slapped over the weekend has lawyered up and getting ready to chat with the rapper.

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Tags: black celebrities, music / musician, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), pr training needed, violence / domestic abuse, you in danger

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