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ONTD Original: Looking at The Star Wars Trios Per Trilogy

[Spoiler (click to open)]

The Original Trilogy is thus:

  • Partially planned because holy shit we did not know how big this was gonna get.

Luke Skywalker

✅ Relatively kind to droids
✅ Persistent in seeing the good in his father.
✅ Acknowledged that the Jedi were madly incompetent in the era before his and eschews the entire concept to live on Ach-To (The Last Jedi)

❌ A bit whiny.
❌ Had a split second thought where he thought it would be fine to kill his nephew. (The Last Jedi)

Leia Organa of Alderaan

✅ Take charge, did not give up the plans to Vader, even when being tortured.
✅ Did not really have the peace Luke did when connecting with their father. Even in Bloodlines, she's like "Fuck that dude, and fuck who he was 5 seconds before death. Bail Organa is my father.". She shouldn't be obliged to forigve him, and I'm glad no character ever told her to (That I could find)
✅ Puts herself in harm's way against other people's wishes because she knows how to do shit. (Bloodlines, Leia: Princess of Alderaan)

❌ Kissed her brother.

Han Solo

✅ Cool ship.
✅ Tapped that Stormtrooper on the shoulder to distract him on Endor (Return of the Jedi).
✅ Played by Harrison Ford.
✅ Eventually wanted to help the greater good of freeing the Galaxy.

❌ Honestly the pros column was a struggle bc I do not like Han Solo.
❌ But it's not like he does anything...wrong or bad.
❌ It's just a character I don't care for.

This trilogy can be summed up as such:

  • How did Vader become Vader?

  • How did Palpatine come to rule the galaxy?

  • Who is Luke and Leia's mother?

  • What's coarse, rough, irritating, and gets everywhere?

Obi-Wan Kenobi

✅ Was original a bit skeptical about Qui-Gon Jinn's love of visions and prophecy (Master and Apprentice), and still trained the so-called chosen one when Jinn died.
✅ Encouraged a man to rethink his life and stop selling death sticks.
✅ Didn't rat out Anakin and Padme.
✅ Surprisingly good at espionage (The Clone Wars)

❌ Didn't rat out Anakin and Padme. If he had, both of them would probably still be alive. They may have seperated based on idealogy, or maybe Anakin would have left and become a Grey Jedi. Maybe Palpatine would have manipulated him in a different way.
❌ Let Anakin think he was dead, knowing how damn attached to people this man gets.
❌ Didn't see to take too deep a notice of that Chosen One prophecy, huh.(Master and Apprentice)

Anakin Skywalker

✅ Good battle tactician.
✅ Willing to help the less fortunate.
✅ Unorthodox

❌ where to fucking begin with this guy.
❌ Sometimes very possessive over Padme, like when she had to work with Rush Clovis to do something re: The Banking Clan.
❌ Slaughtered them like animals. The women and the children too.
❌ Killed children AGAIN.
❌ Arguably indirectly killed his own damn wife.
❌ Fell for Palpatine's nonsense. But so did half the galaxy, so can we blame him for that one?

Her Majesty Padme Amidala-Naberrie of Naboo

✅ Inspired loyalty in her through her actions focused on protecting life across the Galaxy.
✅ More action-oritented than the movies would suggest (The Clone Wars, Forces of Destiny)
✅ Fashion icon.
✅ Went right back into politics after being replaced as Queen.

❌ Had a bit of an air of privilege around her that included using people in worse positions than her for her own idealistic gain. Also had a fairly half-hearted attempt at freeing Shmi Skywalker (Queen's Shadow).
❌ A bit naievely idealistic of Anakin. She doesn't care when he kills Tuskan Raiders. Or apparently Younglings.

The Sequel Trilogy Can be Summed Up as Thus;

  • Make it like the other movies.

  • Now make it NOT like the other movies.

  • Shit,make it like the other movies again.

The cons of these characters are more due to outside factors than the actual character motivations and actions in the movies.


✅ First female lead movie Jedi.
✅ Values Finn and BB8 very much.
✅ Does cool flips with the lightsaber.

❌ 90% of her character is defined by the men of famous lineages. She's not really her own character all that much. That's not her fault, but it feels like a sham.
❌ The asspull of her ancestor in the last movie.
❌ Seriously, why?
❌ Kissing a man who did nothing but neg the hell outta her for 3 movies.

Well, I guess they had to do the inverse of "Bad people can come from good people."


✅ Used a lightsaber!
✅ Escaped Stormtrooper, had no problem infiltrating The First Order yet again for the Resistance.
✅ Played by John Boyega
✅ Is actually pretty funny and clever in the first movie.

❌ A Very wasted backstory. C'mon. An Escaped Stormtrooper! The story about him finding who he was would honestly be more interesting than rehashing the OT with a puppet character in Rey.
❌ Dumbed down in The Last Jedi.
❌ Almost a non entity in The Rise of Skywalker.

Poe Dameron

✅ Hot headed and brave.
✅ Had a bigger role in The Rise of Skywalker
✅ Played by Oscar Isaac, who has taken great enjoyment of shittalking Disney's weakness as well as looking great in the costume.

❌ Really hated the interactions between him and Holdo in Last Jedi. They have more in common than the movies show. I get that it had to happen to characters, and his character was the perfect one for this...but not to this degree. Maybe because I like both characters so much.
❌ He was a former drug dealer??? Seriously??
❌ Forced heterosexuality in The Rise of Skywalker

src: Me, watching these movies. The images are from Wookiepedia, though I did modify that Anakin one

Who is your favorite character from each trilogy?
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