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Chrissy Teigen Reveals She’s Been Suffering From Terrible Nightmares: “It’s Ruining My Life”

Here you go hermano tucker.

Chrissy Teigen, 34, took to her Instagram Story on Wednesday night to reveal her sleeping struggles. Filming herself in bed, Teigen admitted to her followers that she’s been having recurring nightmare that have been disrupting her sleep schedule for months.

“I know this sounds insane but I think I have some kind of ghost or evil spirit and I have the worst nightmares,” she began. “I will go to bed super early and I will sleep so long and I will wake up soaking wet because I have just the most terrible nightmare. It’s always the same nightmare.”

“I’m tired of it and it’s ruining my life, so I’m sleeping in a different room tonight. We’ll see if this makes a difference,” she added.

So — did sleeping in a different room make a difference or help at all? Yes.

A follower asked her how things went and Teigen replied writing, “It was SO much better. I slept through the entire night, had no nightmare and woke up at a reasonable time. First time in MANY months!!”

How is your sleep ONTD? Are you having nightmares lately or a weird sleep schedule?

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