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Riz Ahmed takes down Brexit xenophobia with 'The Long Goodbye'

This film contains sensitive material, viewer discretion is advised.

Emmy winner Riz Ahmed (aka Riz MC, one half of rap duo Swet Shop Boys) dropped his new solo album The Long Goodbye today. Described in a press release as "a breakup record about being dumped by the country you call home" (the operative "you" in this case being British Asians in the xenophobic wake of Brexit), it's been simultaneously released with a short film of the same name that imagines a dystopian near future and sees the artist unpack his feelings toward Britain.

Directed by Aneil Karia and presented by WeTransfer, the 12-minute "The Long Goodbye" is a sobering and powerful watch.

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Tags: film, music video, new music post, race / racism, riz ahmed, sensitive content

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