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How Grey's Anatomy wrote off Alex Karev

Alex Karev was finally written off on Grey's Anatomy this week after Justin Chambers abruptly decided to exit the show.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
After weeks off being AWOL, Alex sent letters to Meredith, Jo, Bailey and Richard telling them him whereabouts.

He says that months ago when he called Izzie to be a character witness for Meredith trial, she told him that she used the embryos the froze when Izzie was going through chemo. They have 5 year old twin's, a boy named Eli and a girl named Alexis.

Alex felt it was his duty to be a present father to his kids. And he realized that he still loves Izzie (barf). He's now living in a farm in Kansas with Izzie and the kids.
He apologized to everyone , especially Jo for not saying goodbye in person, but he knows he's be never be able to.lesvd if he did.

He also sent Jo divorce papers and left her his shares of Grey-Sloan.
Neither Justin Chambers not Katherine Heigl appeared in the episode, but Justin did provide voiceover while the characters read the letters

The kids

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