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The View: Pamela Adler, Hot Topics

Sunny is out due to death in the family, Andrew Yang is guest co-host (previously announced for today’s show)

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon is promoting her show Better Things on FX

Another clip and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Tells story about commute, daughter texting her about cases diagnosed in Calif. Talks about how everyone used to touch and kiss and hug and she hated it, so now she’s glad people stopped doing it. Meghan brought up Jill Biden short taking on protestor. PA tells story about her brother, they’re polar opposites politically. They had a political falling out during Bush v Gore 2000, only now just started having political conversations again. Panel talks about Carville-Matalin and George-Kellyanne Conway. One is example how to do it, the other is not. PA wonders what’s it like at home off camera. More talk about political differences but still be in each other’s lives. Yang feels it’s painful where people say they can’t go home for Thanksgiving and whatnot.

PA is thrilled Yang knows who she is. He wants to know how much the business has changed since she started from a young age. PA says she grew up on sound stages, her dad was a producer. It was always men. Lately she’s been able to be a pioneer for women. Now she wants to make sure there are women in certain roles, behind the camera, like Key Grip. Whoopi moves on to her TV show. PA says she started working when she was 11 and she’s now 50.

Hot Topic And Then There Were Two

Just before show started, Warren dropped out. Click for related post here by ms_mmelissa

Yang thinks people expect her to endorse Sanders. YA wonders if she doesn’t endorse for an interim period, lots to decompress from her campaign team. Tells Warren story, after he dropped out, she was kind to him even though she had a tough night in NH at the same time. Panel thinks they all would’ve been a great President. Meghan says No not Marianne Williamson. Whoopi says well, the rest, you’re all better than T45. Joy says the whole Cabinet and admin officials would be served well by a lot of the ex-candidates. They were called The Avengers. Meghan asks about his endorsement. Yang says he wants the Democratic process to play out, but Biden has talked to him. Yang still feels strongly about UBI so if anyone comes out strongly for that. Whoopi says she talked that up regularly (yes, we knoooowww). Whoopi then moves to corporate taxes (or lackthereof). Joy asks about VP. Yang says if Biden is frontrunner, then he should shore up the youth vote and latino voters. Joy wonders about AOC, but she’s not old enough. Joy asks about Yang running for Mayor of NY. Says he’s attracted more to executive roles versus legislative roles.

Makes announcement on show non profit Humanity Forward. UBI and that our data should be ours, even if we’re loaning it to tech companies. Has $3M pledges so far. Grassroots campaign. One person who supports the non profit will get $1000 per month for one year. Go to the website to learn more.

Hot Topic Senate-Justice War of Words

Plays clip. Makes claims against Gorsuch and Kavanaugh that came across as threats. Chief Justice Roberts rebuked the tone and choice of words. This morning, Schumer walked it back. Not the premise, but to clarify that he’s from Brooklyn and didn’t mean it as a threat, he meant it as political consequences. Yang is pro-choice but felt that the choice of words was poor. It’s not ok when T45 speaks from the bully pulpit so the Democrats should be better. Panel discusses that Schumer was off base anyway, because why would SCOTUS suffer, when it’s Congress-people who would have repercussions in elections. Meghan was surprised because Schumer is normally rational and she thought his words were inflammatory. Joy points out, re/election, that we’re not just voting for the President, but we’re voting for the person who will nominate the next SCOTUS and judicial appointments. Yang doesn’t like lifetime judicial appointments, it was decided when humans didn’t live as long, and voluntarily retired at reasonable times. Meanwhile people are following around RBG cleaning doorknobs and keeping her healthy. Yang thinks 18 year terms would be better, which would cover multiple administrations but still cycle out eventually.

Hot Topic Stop Touching Your Face

CDC says don’t touch your face. T45 says dumb things. Plays clip. Panel touches face all the time. Joy lost, Meghan won. Joy is a twitchy person, even adjusting her bra. Jimmy Kimmel is advocating the elbop where you touch elbows. Turns out germaphobe Howie Mandel is a genius. Plays clip from commercial break, Yang shaking hands with audience. Girl says she’s never washing her hands again, he says You should [yikes lol]. Joy says stop listening to T45. Whoopi tells story, she was sick but blew it off. Ended up with double pneumonia and sepsis and nearly died. They bullied Joy when she returned from London sick. Joy said she had allergies, not always sick. Yang points out the media is exaggerating the potential threat and that we’ve seen too many horror films. Follow basic hygiene. Contagion is popular on Netflix right now. Yang says it shouldn’t have been Pence, it should’ve been Dustin Hoffman Outbreak and Matt Damon Contagion. Joy talks about McConnell giving props to Pence vs T45 because T45 is a reality show huckster and no one believes him.

Hot Topic Dating App Blurs Profile Photo

Taking a page from Love is Blind, a new dating app blurs out your photo. Then, more you get to know the catfisher on the app, the more the photo becomes clear. If Joy was single now, then she would date an immunologist. Yang didn’t use a dating app. But his younger friends says they’re a lot of work. They’re difficult and dehumanizing. Joy says it will show people how shallow you really are. Whoopi is old fashioned and dumb, just go to the bar. Introduce yourself, meet people. Not everyone drinks, she doesn’t drink, but she loves bar. Everyone from 21 to 60, people are interesting. Yang says it a billion dollar tech idea to have a smell app. Meghan talks about meeting online, tells story. Joy met her husband at a semi-nudist colony [wat?!] He was naked, but she was not, For men to see Joy naked, she has to be in their will. She saw him on the beach, but later there was a movie where they talked. He was dressed, but she remembered him from earlier. She knew what she was getting!

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

If you took a drink every time she talked over someone or interrupted them, we’d be drunk every morning before noon.

Ontd do you touch your face often?

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