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YouTuber (?) Calum McSwiggan who faked own hate crime is releasing a Memoir

YouTuber (?) Calum McSwiggan who faked his own hate crime is releasing a Memoir. McSwiggan, McSwang on himself and vandalized a man's car. McLiar then falsely told police that he had been beaten by the vehicle’s driver and two other men. To cover his ass McLyin' said, “Five months ago I was accused of the crime of falsifying a police report after I was assaulted outside a nightclub — a crime I didn’t commit,” McFraud added, “After five months of investigation, this charge has finally been dropped. I never lied and I’m grateful that the world can now see that. After the assault I made the mistake of damaging the culprit’s car. I regret this & have accepted the consequences & paid for the damages. Now I’m headed home to the UK to see my friends and get on with my life. I’m so grateful to all of you for your continued support.”

Now McQuick2BlockTweets is facing all sorts of backlash over his new memoir citing whoever brought up his arrest is a liar and a hater. Many in the LGBTQ community get harassed, bullied in some cases die due to their sexual orientation. It is understandable why the community as a whole is furious with McLameAss.

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While were talking about disgraced gays can we talk about Aaron Schock.
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