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Who Was The Fifth Person Voted Out On Survivor: Winners At War

The fifth contestant to be voted out and sent to Edge of Extinction was...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Tyson!

On the Blue tribe, Adam was fully aware that he was completely on the outs. He admitted his mistake, and began working extra hard around camp. No one was falling for his shit though. Both alliances wanted him gone.

On the Red tribe, Tyson knew there was a Non-Connection alliance going, still believed he was a target, and tried explaining this to Sandra. But Sandra had zero interest in what he had to say (Sandra wtf. Don’t align with him, but how could you NOT know about that alliance?)

On EoE, they all had to make 20 trips up and down the giant hill, carrying logs, before sundown. If they all managed to get through it, they’d get Fire Tokens. Natalie dominated this challenge. After 16 trips, Ethan began feeling very faint, and a medic came out to examine him. In the end, Amber, Danni and Natalie helped Ethan finish his last round. Though it was brutal, it ultimately created a wonderful bond between them.

The immunity challenge was a HUGE win for the Blue tribe, who was extremely behind throughout the first half of it, pretty much already lost. But they managed to make a comeback like a fucking BOSS in the second half. This sent the Red tribe to tribal, and my heart was pounding so hard for Yul to be safe.

Thankfully he didn’t even seem to be a target.

Back at camp, Tyson targeted the puzzle-makers at the challenge. Nick was on his radar (which for me, personally, YES get that Trump-loving asshole out), but even though everyone said they were on board, some were still after Tyson. They feared that if he made merge, he’d have too many connections on the other side. Sandra didn’t give a shit who the target was, as long as it wasn’t her, as always. Tony didn’t want to lose Tyson, knowing he was a great shield. He then rallied Sarah and Kim. Sandra didn’t trust Tyson, but agreed that getting rid of a massive threat so early wasn’t smart for her own gameplay.

At tribal, the Yul/Sophie alliance was definitely, though not-too-obviously, making it obvious they’d be voting for Tyson. They then discussed being Star-struck, or being in awe of other contestants they may have not met in the past.

After the votes were read, the fifth person that was voted out was Tyson. Fuck that shit. Tyson tossed his Fire Token in Nick’s bin (gross wtf) before heading to EoE.

Also... apparently Michele and Wendell dated? Well, hope it causes some drama, lol.

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