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Ronan Farrow's boyfriend Jon Lovett says more dirt is coming out on Woody Allen

If you missed the details of this story:
-Ronan Farrow published his book Catch and Kill with Hachette.
-At the same time Hachette secretly made a deal to publish Woody Allen's memoir this April.
-Hachette claims a “large audience” wants to read about Woody Allen. surejan.gif
-Hachette never contacted Dylan Farrow to fact check Woody Allen's denial of sexual abuse.
-Ronan has dumped Hachette and is taking future books elsewhere.
-Ronan's boyfriend Jon Lovett (Pod Save America co host) tweeted that there are other reports on Woody Allen coming. 👀

In a email to Hachette Ronan told them, “your policy of editorial independence among your imprints does not relieve you of your moral and professional obligations as the publisher of ‘Catch and Kill,’ and as the leader of a company being asked to assist in efforts by abusive men to whitewash their crimes. As you and I worked on ‘Catch and Kill’ in part about the damage Woody Allen did to my family, you were secretly planning to publish a book by the person who committed those acts of sexual abuse. Obviously I can’t in good conscience work with you any more. Imagine this were your sister.”

Source: 1, 2
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