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The View: Jason Biggs, Hot Topics

Full panel

Jason Biggs

American Pie is promoting his new tv show Outmatched on Fox

Another clip and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

[He comes out with hand sanitizer for front row in audience, plus panel, and does elbow bumps].

Whoopi talks about his commute from home in NY to show filming in CA. JB hasn’t been concerned, he washes his hands all the time anyway. Joy talks about singing Happy Birthday twice. The panel is confused, then realizes it’s the length of time you’re supposed to wash your hands. Talks about his commute some more, went on for 3 months. Meghan brings up his online shopping habit. His Insta photo with tons of boxes. His online shopping is always bad, but he used to be home to open the boxes. Joy says (playfully) he’s known for being vain, and that he thinks being a dad has taken a toll on his looks. JB says he has a dad body. He stands up and shows spanx for men under his shirt. Joy also asks about botox lol. JB says he freezes himself every night (joking). Sunny brought up Helen Gurley Brown who used to put her face in ice every night, says maybe it works, Joy says Well not for her (bah dum tss). Sunny talks about his show, the story, premise. JB talks about his career history in tv and film. Meghan loved American Pie, asks about another reunion. JB says some of the cast comes on his new show.

Hot Topic Joementum

Click for Super Tuesday post here and click for Bloomberg Drops Out post here

ABC Jonathan Karl is guest co-host for this segment

All the polls were bad lol. Plays clips of Biden and Sanders. Steps aside for Breaking News just before show aired, Bloomberg dropped out and endorsed Biden. Bloomberg entered because he worried Biden was faltering but Super Tuesday changed the game, so he’s out and will support Biden and will support down ticket races. Meghan says The View panel was right, when they said never count out Biden. JK says this was the biggest and most blindingly fast comeback ever. Polls a week ago had Sanders taking every state. Talks details and impacts of endorsements from fellow colleagues. Sanders surrogates couldn’t deliver for Sanders, but surrogates did deliver for Biden. People close to Obama (former Cabinet) endorsed Biden, plus Obama spoke to Buttigieg and Klobuchar after they dropped out. They got on board with Biden quickly.

Sunny reminds you don’t get the nominee without the black vote, talks about Clyburn and SC Primary. JK says the black vote saved Biden’s campaign. Joy says the black vote saved Dem asses in 2018 midterms, and they did it again. [Yep]. Klobuchar was wildly popular in her home state, she turned out MN for Biden. JK doesn’t think official promises were made, this is typical politics. Joy says Bloomberg for Treasury. JK thinks Klobuchar is on VP short-list. Whoopi wants Dr Jill as Surgeon General. Omg good lord. Jill Biden is PhD, not medical doctor, Jill is an educator so Dept Education is better fit [except not really = nepotism]. Meghan takes MSM to task for heightening Sanders and his supporters larger than they warranted. Progressive left has a voice but it’s not the biggest voice in comparison to all the media attention vs Zombie Campaign article re/Biden. What is media missing? JK says the rules they thought existed are out the door. JK makes excuses. Sunny says No you (MSM) did the same to Clinton in 2016. JK still makes excuses re/media coverage. JK also says don’t underestimate what Sanders has done, but he’s not getting the youth vote at the same rate, except Calif.

Warren also had a disappointing night and she is assessing her future. What if she endorses Sanders or Biden. JK said she not only lost her home state to 3rd place, she also did poorly amongst women, and did poorly in her other home state OK. JK says she has beefs with nearly all of them, talks details about old issue with Biden, recent issue with Sanders, but she is also strategic. Warren took out Bloomberg, so there’s that. Joy asks about brokered convention. JK explains all that. He doesn’t agree it will come to that. It’s a 2 person race regardless of Warren. One will get the nomination outright. Joy asks about delegates for candidates who dropped out. JK explains Democrat rules, and delegates vs super delegates. Lots of talk about the name and definition of super delegates. Also when is Tulsi Gabbard going away?!?!

Hot Topic Jill Biden and Symone Sanders New WWE Tandem

Jill Biden and Symone Sanders are bad ass. Plays clip. Biden needs secret service protection, it’s getting ridiculous. This is the second time for Biden, where Jill stepped in [along with other handlers]. BSanders should have protection as well, both of them. This dairy protestor, what is their deal. Once secret service protection is in place, chill, because you’ll get a smackdown. Meghan says it’s not your moment, all she wants is to drink milk. Whoopi says people are young and don’t remember what’s happened, re/ Robert Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, etc. Sunny is like, not only is Jill ride or die but she protects her man. And Symone reminded her of Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard. They speculate if Joe had put his hands on her to defend himself, it becomes a totally different narrative. More discussion on the rules for secret service. Fix this, it’s ridiculous.

/Update/ Dept of Homeland Security is officially reviewing protection for Biden and Sanders.

Hot Topic Ronna Go To Hell

Not today, Satan. Donna Brazile is not having it anymore. Plays clip. Joy says Ronna needs to look in her own backyard, impeachment, coronavirus, lists items.

Hot Topic Price Gouging

In the middle of Brazile topic, Whoopi changes the subject, people selling hand sanitizer for $200. Shame on y’all for price gouging. [Just wash your hands with soap and water]. Places doing this, maybe we shouldn’t shop there anymore. Reminds that face masks are for people already sick, not those who are unaffected. Whoopi has been crazy all morning. Now she’s thinking about Biden VP. What about Obama. Says it’s not illegal.

Spoiler: It is. The Constitution states a 2 term limit for Potus. If Obama were to be VP, and something happened to Biden, then Obama automatically becomes Potus again – which violates the two term limit rule. Damn Whoopi, get it together!

…Later, just before show ended, Whoopi mentions Michelle Obama, who has said eleventy billion times Hell No to any elected office.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

If you took a drink every time she talked over someone or interrupted them, we’d be drunk every morning before noon.

Ontd do you sing Happy Birthday 2x when you wash your hands?

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