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The View: Dan Abrams, Hot Topics

Full panel

Dan Abrams

Dan Abrams is ABC Chief Legal Analyst who is promoting his book John Adams Under Fire

They cover legal issues related to coronoavirus, T45 lawsuit against Washington Post, and Harvey Weinstein

More clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Joy laughs that our history was limited of those people and that era [George Washington, John Adams]. DA talks about John Adams and that the book is based on a 217 pg transcript. Likens it to WH counsel but they (WH) had a different context (because of course). Meghan talks about coronavirus. Rattles off info on whistleblower and this and that and people are scared. DA talks about protocols that matter, that can prevent it from spreading, like in hospitals. The subway was half empty, so he’s googling because he wonders if he was an idiot for riding the subway. Joy brings up VP Pence, he was asked if he’d take his kids to Disneyworld, he wouldn’t answer. DA says that’s the problem, the sense that VP Pence is there to contain information, or restrict information. It’s very legitimate to say we don’t want people to panic because the media sensationalizes things. But DA says that’s ok. [No it isn’t, media needs to stop sending people in to an unnecessary panic]. Sunny says it doesn’t mean they can withhold info to affect the stock market. Whoopi starts quoting numbers, when it would actually be relevant.

We’re in 2020 and a lot of things we can do, but TRE45ON is such a conspiracy hoax and liar and suing WaPo about an OPINION piece [rme]. DA says the lawsuit is baloney because TRE45ON won’t ever testify, plus they would’ve filed the lawsuit in VA. So it will get dismissed or dropped, so it’s just noise on Super Tuesday because the WH is a reality show.

DA thinks if Weinstein gets sentenced 8-10 years then it’s a win for him, or if it’s 10-15+ years then it’s a loss for him. Thinks it might be somewhere in between but that’s only NY case. DA and Sunny talk about the typical sentencing and the new case in Calif. So far HW hasn’t spent time in jail because he’s faking illness, panel talks about him faking. DA doesn’t know or think if he’s faking, because he’s always been out of shape and in poor health, so it’s not implausible. DA and Sunny talk more about the actual NY charges and their outcome. If it were 10-15 yrs ago, then there wouldn’t have been a conviction. But now is different and a jury is learning how different victims can behave, especially if they know their assaulter. Meghan brings up Live PD reality show which is similar to Cops, asks the craziest moment on camera. DA says there have been really serious surprises but talks about the funny lighthearted times like drugs found in pants but person says but those aren’t my pants.

Hot Topic Joementum

Buttigieg and Klobuchar and Beto endorsements. Going after the strategy of restoring soul to America. Will the super group be enough. They’d have to have a significant increase in younger voters if Sanders is to beat T45, which we haven’t seen so far, or in any election. Joy says there is too much at stake. Sunny says Dems will turn out for Biden, plus moderates, Independents, even disgruntled never-Trumpers will vote for Biden, but they won’t do that for Sanders. Thought it was odd that other candidates fought for themselves then said vote for Biden but the endorsement of the group is interesting – what happens with Warren. She has a lot of money. Whoopi tells her same story, she wants normalcy and rehiring competent infrastructure roles. Feels like it’s burning to the ground, we need to put out the fire before building a new building.

Meghan gets into the details. Sanders has only 9 Democrats who have endorsed him. Down-ticket Democrats are worried about Sanders and fear they not only lose the WH but also Congress. Goes on about Bernie Bros, believes they’re vicious and won’t let it go. They feel like this is a revolution. Joy says college educated white suburban women helped flip the House in 2018 and they’re pro Biden. Black community appears pro Biden. Key demographics are pro Biden which makes him more viable. Sunny says if you pay attention to importance of down ticket voting, there are only 4 seats to flip for Senate. If Dem gets WH, then only 3 seats to flip Senate. Turning AZ or TX blue is crazy possible, but then to sacrifice that for possibly Sanders. Whoopi is ok with change but she doesn’t want change on top of chaos. Let’s stop the chaos first, then work on change. Whoopi lived in VT, doesn’t see what Sanders brings to the table. No free education in VT. All his ideas, she never saw in VT.

Hot Topic Another Bad Man Fired

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Plays clip. Chris Matthews bye bye. He resigned on air, with a semi non apology, then bounced, leaving Steve Kornacki verklempt and tongue tied. Joy lists a lot of trashy things he has said over the years. She watched his show and thought he was knowledgeable on history and politics, but enough of him so bye. Sunny talks more about his comments and why he thought they were ok. Kathleen Parker is saying they flirted for 20 yrs and she’s sad and blah blah. Meghan says blah blah and thought he deserved a better sendoff. His behavior shouldn’t be absolved but his remarks don’t rise to the same level of illegal harassment. Lists a lot of things NBC or MSNBC have done, then Chris is fired for low level behavior. Joy says Walter Cronkite, other men, never did that. It’s not like all men behaved that way. It may have been more common in previous decades but get it together. Sunny reads legal disclaimers.

None of the panel thinks his behavior was appropriate but none of them do a good job explaining that people at the network C-levels did a lot worse things yet are still there. Chris should’ve suffered consequences, but also why aren’t the others fired or suffering repercussions.

Hot Topic The New Bachelorette is Older

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Clare Crawley is the new Bachelorette and her advantage is 10 yrs older than the average contestant. She’s 38 yrs old. Plays clip. Normally the contestants are in the 20s ready to marry and have kids. A decade older is a new thing. Meghan likes her because she told off somebody [Idk I don’t watch the show]. Joy talks about her age and how much she liked her 40-50s and will let us know about her 60s. Thinks some of the men on the show are kinda lame. Sunny wonders why this woman who deserves good things is with these losers on this tv show. Panel talks more details about the people from the show. Sunny thinks the Bachelor bothers her more than the Bachelorette. Joy thinks there should be gay couples and spice it up.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

If you took a drink every time she talked over someone or interrupted them, we’d be drunk every morning before noon.

Programming note: Super Tuesday results coverage starts @ 8PM eastern, I’ll do a live post later

Ontd get your booze and snacks ready for tonight!!

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