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The View: Hot Topics

Joy is out, Ana is here

No guests today, only Hot Topics

Joementum. SC Primary recap. Plays clip. panel discusses impact of Biden winning by a large margin. Black voter impact, Clyburn endorsement, re-tooling campaign based on feedback. Ana thinks it changes the narrative. Raised a lot of money since SC. Clyburn is someone who carries a lot of weight. The AA vote showed up for him because she says he’s been there for them. You can’t show up the Sunday before an election and expect votes. Bernie received only 15% of black vote, online improving 1% from 2016 when he got 14%. Meghan thinks it’s between Biden and Sanders. Feels Sanders will suffer from Castro comments. Does a deep dive of Biden campaign, why the media seemed to write him off, when enthusiasm was there for SC voters. Whoopi tells story, explains her position. So much has been removed, deteriorated, basic infrastructure. Diplomats, housing, education, health and human services. Wants someone to fix and re-tool. If you come in with brand new stuff on top of restoring normalcy, that’s a lofty goal.

Meghan thinks Super Tuesday will be the Alamo, cage match. More discussion about Latino voters in FL versus Hispanic voters in TX. Ana thinks Biden being in front and center the last few weeks served him well. Whoopi goes back to diplomats and that whole analogy.

Hot Topic Dropping Like Flies

Buttigieg and Steyer dropped out this weekend, Klobuchar hadn’t announced when the show aired

Click for Buttigieg post here by harrys_headband and Klobuchar post here by moi

Daddy Jimmy Carter Had the Talk with Pete Buttigieg. Plays clip. Panel felt he was classy. Ana said his run was historical for LGBTQ community. When he had to take one for the team, he did. Plays another clip from Chasten. Ana says gay marriage legal only 5 yrs ago, now we have this married gay man getting this far for Potus. Sunny wants to know who else will drop (this was before Klobuchar announcement). Talks about Warren. Meghan thought Amy would win MN so she’d stay until after Super Tuesday [I think we all thought that!]. Meghan wonders what was traded for dropping out and falling in line, young and has a long future. Pete is very anti-Bernie so it’s not a surprise he’d back Biden. Whoopi met Pete through Bloomberg whenever ago. She liked that he was interested in what could be done better. She always likes it when she feels like someone is running for the country, not themselves. Panel discusses that Pete talked about his faith. Felt his campaign was mostly highbrow. Sunny talks about Steyer video, where he dances to Back That Azz Up. Meghan didn’t like it. [Who cares, he’s out, it was funny].

Hot Topic Lion of the Civil Rights Movement

March on Selma Alabama commemorating the 55th year anniversary. Congressman John Lewis, age 80, made a surprise appearance. He’s been diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer. People were thrilled to see him still fighting the fight, get out there and vote in November. All the candidates, even Steyer (who had already dropped out) – except Sanders – were there. Sunny was shocked that Sanders was not there. Lewis echoed Biden’s theme, fighting for the soul of America. A seminal moment in US history but where was Bernie? Ana emphasizes Lewis got up from his sick bed to make his message clear [he also climbed up a ladder to be seen and heard in the crowd]. Everyone needs to honor that and exercise their right to vote. Ana points out there hasn’t been a free election in Cuba in 60 years. Whoopi says, whatever side you’re on, you need to go vote. So many can’t do that in other countries.

Hot Topic Bloomberg @ AL Church

Bloomberg was in Selma and also made an appearance at a black church. Some of the parishioners stood with their backs turned. Shows photo. Yikes. Meghan wants to know what his path is, if he doesn’t get delegates. Meghan thinks he should drop after Super Tuesday and put his money behind who can beat T45 (which she doesn’t think is Sanders). Sunny makes point again about going to black churches at the last minute. It needs to be part of your life. Ana thinks in the last years, he’s done a lot of good with his money re/climate change and against guns, so maybe not for Potus but we’ll take your money.

Hot Topic Supermodel Doesn’t Like Getting Older

Click for related post here by toddies

Model Paulina Porizkova who is widow to Cars Ric Okasek, doesn’t like being older. It’s hard to be a woman, and especially a woman over 50. Says there’s a weird gap between looking fabulous like JLo and Betty White. Meghan makes it about her, but does make the point that men don’t have the same problem as women. Meghan thinks her one good thing is talking about politics, so she doesn’t want to hear comments about what she looks like or her weight. Panel talks about women and age. Sunny is 51 now, will turn 52 this year, doesn’t like the idea that there is this dead zone. Whoopi tries to speculate what Paulina was talking about, which may be driven by how she sees herself, vs how others really see her. Talks about fillers. Sometimes it looks good, sometimes not. Try your elbow first [lol].

Hot Topic No Kids Allowed @ Hen Party

Future bride to be says her in-laws are mad that she’s not letting her sister in law take her 2 yr old to the bachelorette trip. They were going to an adults only resort. In laws want bride to change plans. Big red flag. Why is a 2 yr old even part of the conversation. Ana says weddings are supposed to be about the bride and groom. If bride wants an adults only bachelorette party then that’s her choice. Sunny has never seen children at the hen party. What is this nonsense. Plot twist, Ana had a drag queen bachelorette party. Whoopi is like, if you’re at home and there’s flexibility, then fine, but if you’re going away for your party, kids are not allowed.

Ana has been married for one year, shows some photos.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

If you took a drink every time she talked over someone or interrupted them, we’d be drunk every morning before noon.

Programming note: Super Tuesday results coverage goes live @ 8PM eastern tomorrow, I'll submit a viewing post

Ontd do you have alcohol ready for Super Tuesday?!?

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