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😱 People are freaking out due to DOCTOR WHO's game changing reveal.

What happened in a nutshell, for those of you that left the show...

- We've been hearing a lot about 'The Timeless Child'
- The Master (now played by Sacha Dhawan) destroyed Gallifrey and told the doctor everything she knew was a lie.
- Captain Jack Harkness came back to warn her about the 'lone Cyberman'
- The Doctor run into a woman called Ruth, that ended up being the Doctor, except she didn't remember that regeneration.

So... tonight's episode....
- The Master took the doctor to Gallifrey and entered it's matrix, unlocking some new memories.
- Storytime... A long time ago a Gallifreyan explorer found a child at the gate of another dimension, the child had an accident, died and regenerated any number of times she wanted. Gallifreyans stole her ability and gave it to Time Lords, but limited to 13 regenerations per Time lord.
- The child was the doctor, but an organization called The Division deleted her memories of all previous regenerations before William Hartnell.
- The doctor is originally black and female. ❤️
- The Master uses the corpse of the Time lords to create Cyber Time Lords (immortal Cybermen that can regenerate).
- The doctor uses the matrix to escape in an incredibly montage with the Doctor Who theme:

- The Morbious Doctors from Tom Baker's episode are confirmed to be pre-Hartnell and some of the regenerations the doctor forgot (Mystery solved after 44 years!). We also get to see like 10 pre-Hartnell Doctors.
- The doctor uses the matrix and a bomb with the lone Cybermen to get rid of the master and the cyber Time lords, but also destroys Gallifrey in the process.
- At the end, the Judoon appear and inprison the doctor. The show will continue this Christmas (or New Years) with 'Revolution of the Daleks'.

So yeah, the Doctor is not originally a Time Lord, she comes from another universe and we have a lot of previous regenerations/memories that we don't know about. But I also liked how she mentioned that this changes nothing, she still chose to be 'the doctor' and chose to help people.

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