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Natalie Maines Releases ANOTHER Snippet of New Dixie Chicks Single "Gaslighter"

After announcing the single will be released on Wednesday, March 4th, Natalie posted ANOTHER clip of the Dixie Chicks comeback single, "Gaslighter." The clip features a portion of the song's acapella intro, and the entire first verse.

Lyrics include:

"We moved to California and we followed your dreams / I believed in the promises you made to me"
"Hollywood welcomed you with open doors / no matter what they gave you, you still wanted more"
"Gaslighter / Denier / Doing anything to get your ass farther / Gaslighter / Big Timer / Repeating all the mistakes of your father"

It's clearly a diss track about Natalie's Ex Husband, Adrian Pasdar.

The clip is one of 3 that Natalie has shared over the past year. Here are the other two, in case you missed them:

Second Verse:

Bridge / Final Chorus:

Source 1 | Source 2 | Source 3

Are you excited for new Chicks music, ONTD?

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