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I’ll be your favorite worst mistake.

Video: Zayn Malik yelling at Logan and Jake Paul in Las Vegas

Logan Paul shared a video on his podcast of him trying to “squash the beef” between his brother Jake Paul and Zayn Malik that night the two got into a feud in Las Vegas. The video shows Logan standing outside Zayn’s door, knocking on the door, and trying to convince a very agitated Zen to come outside and talk to him, all while his brother Jake and (in Gigi Hadid’s words) his “crew of embarrassing YouTube groupies” stood back and filmed it.

Logan says, “My friend, my friend, my friend, talk to me for one second.” Zayn, shouting from the other side of the door yells back, “I don’t want to fucking talk to you Bruv.”

Fans online are upset at both Paul brothers for harassing the “BeFoUr” singer and for posting the video in an attempt to “expose” the truth about what really happened that night, only to make themselves look worse in the process. Many on Twitter are calling them “clowns.”

Tags: attention whore, bella / gigi hadid, celebrity feud, flop, internet celebrities, nobody, podcasts, web series / youtube, zayn malik
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