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The View: Edie Falco, Hot Topics

Full panel

Edie Falco

Carmela Soprano and Nurse Jackie has a new show Tommy

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
She’s a news junkie. Biggest challenge is to watch what’s happening and see if she can keep her cool. Thinks the soul of our country bothers her the most. And climate change. Doesn’t like angry tenor. In Tommy, she plays first female chief of police who also happens to be gay. EF thinks it’s time, and weird to even think about why those things should matter. Sunny brings up tone and topics of show. EF talks about adoption since her kids are adopted. Last year was 20th anniversary of the Sopranos [yikes I feel old]. EF took some artwork from the kitchen (I think Joy’s question was a metaphor, not literal objects lol). Prequel is in the works called The Many Saints of Newark and James Gandolfini’s real son is playing young Tony. Some talk about Gandolfini and what was important to him. EF explains what drew her to this character. The role she’s playing, it has a strong moral center. And she’ll be in the next Avatar [really?!] Can’t talk about anything else. Sunny asks her about odd jobs before becoming an actress. EF says she played Cookie Monster at weddings, getting people to dance at the reception [wat?]. Tommy airs on Thursdays on CBS.

Hot Topic Coronavirus

No smackdowns but Meghan is extra rude-interrupting during a lot of this topic

Pouty McFussypants held a press conference last night and lied to the American public about the coronavirus. Then he stood behind VP Pence and looked stupid the whole time. Nobody feels better now. Pence blundered HIV/AIDS outbreak while Indiana Governor. Of course, no one with a medical background is in charge. Pence doesn’t think smoking causes death, climate change denier, science denier, so Pence being in charge is totally on brand. Whoopi theory is that coronavirus is serious and having Pence in charge so he can control the message, and setting up Pence to take the blame if anything blows up. Japan is closing schools, but America is hey just wash your hands it’s all fine. Everyone is worried, it should be taken seriously, but even if it’s not dire, we can’t trust the admin. IMPotus challenged Dr Sanjay Gupta eg a bonafide doctor on actual medical stats. Egads. Meghan is ranting and scolding the audience. Whoopi repeats some of the common sense advice. Joy gives a clarification she’s led to believe is important to share (re/producers), Meghan scolds her, too.

In Calif, the first case was discovered, and hadn’t been traveling or appear to come in contact with anyone. [Gavin Newsom gave a coherent press conference plus he’s hot and I’d hit it]. We’re in flu season, approx. 70-80K die from the flu each year. Gives more practical advice. Dr Jen Ashton (not to be confused with Not-Dr Jen Aniston) will be on the panel Friday to talk facts and advice. Joy has trip to Italy in April, not sure if she should still go. Meghan keeps whining that the Sky is Falling, overreacting. Of course it’s serious but there’s a difference between panic vs paying attention and getting good info from credible sources (obviously ignore the WH). Check with airlines who will tell you if they’re legit flying in or out of an area. Don’t be overcome with analysis paralysis. Research and get good info.

Hot Topic Joe-mentum

Polls show Biden on the rise again. CNN aired town hall last night. Plays clip. Talks about living with loss. Biden was responding to a pastor who had lost his wife in the Charleston church shooting. Meghan calls him the Anti-Mayor Pete, Biden isn’t scripted, and can show real empathy. Joy doesn’t understand how evangelicals don’t go with Biden instead of heathen T45. Meghan cultsplains T45 supporters. Sunny thinks, if you’re a person of faith, T45 is the antithesis of all of that, T45 has no morals. Goes back to Biden, felt he was strongest when he was focused on message of fighting for the soul of the country, that he can change the tenor of the country. Joy thought Bloomberg town hall was good, which hurts Biden because they share supporters. Whoopi hopes somebody puts Stacey Abrams on the ticket. Says Biden has lived with loss so he’s speaking from personal experience. Thinks it’s great to make progress, but we’ve got to restore essentially the whole government (re-appoint diplomats, all the groups gutted by T45 like CDC). Whoopi wants people who can get us back on track. Meghan thinks we want someone who can lead us out of this crisis.

Hot Topic Love is Blind

Baby talk is creepy. Joy says Jackie Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe did that. Lady also gives her dog wine. Creepy to talk like a baby, why would a man want someone to be a baby or sound like a baby, gross fetish. Whoopi mocks the same baby voice, she hates it. Sunny doesn’t know how you can marry someone you’ve never seen. Whoopi says there will be an older bachelor. Panel would like that. Whoopi still mocks baby voice. Most STD is now amongst senior citizens. Joy says, four words you never want to hear = Nana has the clap [lool].

Hot Topic Newborn Baby is NOT HAVING IT

Shows photo, literally fresh out of the womb, and will be meme-d forever. Panel laughs, makes up pretend thoughts in her head. Her name is Isabella, from Brazil, born by c-section.

Hot Topic Snoop Dogg is Sorry Y’all

On Jada’s Red Table Talk, Snoop Dogg says his mom called and told him what-for about his remarks to Gayle King, re/Kobe. Panel is glad that he apologized, and happy that his mother set him straight. Joy said he’s close to his grandmother too. Thinks he’s a good guy but didn’t handle that well.

Hot Topic Honoring Black History Month Louis Lomax

Click to read more about Louis Lomax

Louis Emanuel Lomax was an African-American journalist and author. He was also the first African-American television journalist. Career details here.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

If you took a drink every time she talked over someone or interrupted them, we’d be drunk every morning before noon.

Ontd are you done with this year, life, infinity?

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