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Most popular Pokémon ever revealed as part of celebrations of Pokémon Day

Marking the 24th anniversary of the biggest media franchise in human history, a voting contest to know the most popular creatures sorted by the region they originally hail from was held for Pokémon day. After taking the total votes into account, the top 30 most popular creatures among the whole Dex are:

1.- Greninja (Kalos)
2.- Lucario (Shinoh)
3.- Mimikyu (Alola)
4.- Charizard (Kanto)
5.- Umbreon (Johto)
6.- Sylveon (Kalos)
7.- Garchomp (Shinoh)
8.- Rayquaza (Hoenn)
9.- Gardevoir (Hoenn)
10.- Gengar (Kanto)
11.- Dragapult (Galar)
12.- Tyranitar (Johto)
13.- Bulbasaur (Kanto)
14.- Toxtricity (Galar)
15.- Lugia (Johto)
16.- Rowlett (Alola)
17:- Aegislash (Kalos)
18.- Chandelure (Unova)
19.- Pikachu (Kanto)
20.- Eevee (Kanto)
21.- Luxray (Shinoh)
22.- Decidueye (Alola)
23.- Zoroark (Unova)
24.- Lycanroc (Alola)
25.- Corviknight (Galar)
26.- Flygon (Hoenn)
27.- Hydreigon (Unova)
28.- Sceptile (Hoenn)
29.- Blaziken (Hoenn)
30.- Snom (Galar)

Also, a new Mythical has been unveiled, the Grass/Dark, Zarude. Said to live in groups deep in the woods, and being extremely hostile to other species of Pokémon

Congrats to Milotic for getting in the Hoenn top 10! Comment with your favorite Pokémon/forme/Mega Evolution/Gigantamax/regional variant

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