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Who Was The Fourth Contestant Voted Out On Survivor: Winners At War

The fourth contestant to be voted out and sent to Edge of Extinction was...

[Spoiler (click to open)]Ethan!

On the Red tribe, Tyson tried to deflect the target off himself, knowing he could possibly be next. He decided to target Sandra instead, but Yul believed it was in his best interest to keep Sandra around, so he told her. She assured him there was nothing no worry about until they’d have to go to tribal.

On the Blue tribe, Adam immediately targeted Parvati, another woman. Of course. He tried to rally everyone else, but Ethan didn’t want to budge. After they lost the challenge, Ben and Adam again began targeting Parvati. Adam was dumb enough to tell the whole plan to Rob, who in turn wanted to get Adam out. We get it, you don’t mess with The Godfather. Jeremy and Michele were in the middle, wondering what to do, and very upset that Adam just had to run his stupid mouth.

Over on EoE, Natalie solved the next riddle and unlocked the trunk to find a clue to an advantage hidden at camp. This clue will lead one contestant to a steal-the-vote advantage at the opposite tribe’s camp. The catch is that they’ll have to sneak into that camp overnight and find it inside one of the players’ torches. Natalie chose to sell it to Sarah, who bought the clue and successfully stole the advantage. I’m choosing to believe that Natalie only picked Sarah because 1) she knew Sarah would accept and she’d earn another token, and 2) because she didn’t want to risk Jeremy getting caught. Ugh, I just hate Sarah. But I gotta admit that whole scene with her and Tony was just hilarious... him rubbing dirt on her face... her freaking out over some guy waking up... lol.

At Tribal, they discussed the fact the everyone was close to someone, everyone had that one person they trust. Rob pointEd out that while that may be true, inherently they shouldn’t be trusting anyone.

Michele and Jeremy successfully orchestrated the vote against Ethan, deciding they weren’t going to let Rob or Adam tell them what to do. Adam was left in the dark as Denise and Ben both voted for Ethan.

Ethan tossed his token into Parvati‘s bin before heading to EoE.

While I’m very happy it wasn’t yet another woman, especially Parvati, I’m super bummed to see Ethan go so early. He’s just too pure for modern Survivor. I can’t see him winning his way back from EoE either :(

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