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"Mad" Mike Hughes, flat Earther featured on Science Channel, dies in homemade rocket launch

· Flat Earth conspiracy theorist "Mad" Mike Hughes died on Saturday at the age of 64 after his homemade, crowdfunded steam rocket crashed in Barstow, CA. Video of the crash posted by freelance journalist Justin Chapman shows that the rocket's parachute(s) was torn off during takeoff. The launch was being filmed for the Science Channel's "Homemade Astronauts". (The video is at the source but I didn't include it bc I didn't know how y'all would feel about it)
· Hughes said he believes Earth is flat and launched his first rocket in 2014 with the goal of eventually launching himself 35,000 feet to prove Earth doesn't curve. A previous launch in 2018, which sent him 1,875 feet into the air, left Hughes with a compressed vertebra
· Hughes also didn't believe in gravity :/

before everyone asks, flat earthers think plane windows cause visible curvature so that's prob why he didn't take a plane to see for himself
Tags: conspiracy theories, death

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