misty gish (tanglespiders) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
misty gish

Hot Pockets heiress sentenced to five months in Varsity Blues case

- After pleading guilty in October, Michelle Janavs was today sentenced to 5 months in prison for pay $100,000 to fix her two daughters' ACT scores, and $200,000 to have one of them labeled a beach volleyball recruit at USC. She had claimed that she was misled because she loved her daughters so much, but the judge informed her that plenty of people love their kids without doing crimes.

- Her family, the Merages, sold their company to Nestle for $2 billion in 2002 and are pretty proud of their charity work, which her lawyers cited as proof that this was just an aberration and she's a good person.

- Why can't she be more like that nice Toaster Strudel heiress, with her crosswords and murder-solving?

- The only parent to avoid prison time as a result of the Varsity Blues investigation pleaded guilty immediately. Felicity Huffman was previously sentenced to 2 weeks for paying $15,000 for corrected SAT answers. Aunt Becky and Mossimo are still fighting charges that they spent $500,000 to get their daughters into USC.

Tags: food / food industry, legal / lawsuit, scandal
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