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Taemin confirms on InstaLive: Album 'Delayed' and Concert Cancelled, Indefinitely Postponed

Last night/this morning, 20-02-24/25, kpop soloist, SuperM and SHINee member Taemin hosted an instagram live in which he has bedhead and confirmed some tidbits of information about upcoming projects

In it (approx 3:10) he states:

  • his upcoming concert titled "Never Gonna Dance Again" has been cancelled due to coronavirus and while they "look for a better venue in which to perform". He says he can't tell them which day it will be, since he doesn't know for sure. He also adds "Saying it's cancelled doesn't mean it will never happen".  As an aside, he also asks fans to promise they will properly wear masks if they go in public as he doesn't want them getting sick.

  • his new album is being ''delayed'' and he and his team are currently discussing whether to "release it as planned" or just release it. He softens the blow by saying he sees it as a good thing, as it might give his music more of a seasonal feeling

  • and, as an accidental spoiler he mentions twice, the photos Parisian fans recently took of him are actually "only about 10% of an MV" and didn't spoil too much of the project, to those that were concerned

Soompi confirms that the concert, that was to be held in the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium, has been cancelled by SM indefinitely and that tickets are currently being refunded.

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