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The View: Rahm Emanuel, Hot Topics

Full panel

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm Emanuel is promoting his book The Nation City: Why Mayors Are Now Running the World

More clips and summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]

Emanuel was senior advisor to Clinton 1993-1998 and WH Chief of Staff to Obama from 2009-2010 (among other roles). Has no epiphany about campaign. Super Tuesday will be a deciding factor. Talks about playbook, cites Clinton 1992, 1996, Obama 2008, 2012, plus midterms 2006, 2018, do well in urban areas, do really really well in suburban areas, and don’t get killed in rural areas. But Sanders is saying he doesn’t need that strategy. Sanders isn’t going after moderates or independents, thinks he can win on left Democratic base. RE says we have 6 models of success spanning two presidencies, but oh ok. RE says not a single congressional win that flipped a red seat to a blue seat has endorsed Sanders. It’s not ideological it’s Darwinian, survival of the fittest. Top goal is get T45 out but this isn’t a playbook that’s been successful in the past. Base of party is more progressive, but that’s not a winning strategy for the general election (re/electoral college). Only 4 Potus have lost re-election in decades. Hoover = depression. Ford (plus Nixon fallout), Carter, Bush41 = all recession. There are people who say they’ll never vote for T45. But there are the same who say they’ll never vote for Sanders (versus will consider others). RE says we have real shot at more state trifectas, keep House, win Senate, win WH, but this requires a proper strategy.

Sunny wonders when Obama will weigh in. RE doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Potus to put their thumb on the scale [PSA Potus never endorse until conventions choose the nominee, either party]. Points out the worst mass shooting was in Vegas, but nobody brought up Sanders vote on gun rights. Sanders had heart attack in Vegas, but nobody brought up whether he used Medicare or government provided private health care. Joy says T45 won nomination because the others refused to drop out, now the Dems have same dilemma. RE says if you place 3-4, normally you’d be out, but the field is too different now.

RE talks about his book, which focuses on how Mayors are getting it done at the local level. Mentions London Mayor Sadiq Khan visiting him. Your local government is often far more important than federal government. Had free community college if hs was over B-average. Free public transportation and free books. Took Khan to Synagogue, showed him, here we pray together even if different faiths. RE won’t say who the moderate is to beat T45. Joy pushes. RE says again, hello, he is not answering. Sunny asks about Mayor Pete, due to it being such a small city.

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Ontd do you wear white pants?

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