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Joel Edgerton and Sean Harris to reunite yet again in "The Unknown Man"

- inspired by a real-life Australian sting operation, it's about a criminal, Henry Teague (Sean??? playing a criminal?!?! I feel shocked) who randomly meets a "savior and ally," Mark, (Joel) on a plane -- except he's really an undercover cop hunting Henry down for a long-ago murder
- written and directed by Thomas M. Wright, who did something called Acute Misfortune in 2018 that I've never heard of, but it won some Australian awards (and he was also Johnno in Top of the Lake and stuff)
- Sean and Joel are also both in The King and the upcoming The Green Knight (woo)
- no other info about casting or release date yet but girl you know I'll be there

source | twitter
Tags: actor / actress, australian celebrities, british celebrities, casting / auditions, film - drama, film - in development, film - suspense / thriller

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