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Drew Carey Tearfully Honors Ex-Fiancée Dr. Amie Harwick

On Friday's episode of Drew Carey's Sirius XM show Drew Carey’s Friday Night Freak-Out, the Price is Right host tearfully paid tribute to his former girlfriend, Dr. Amie Harwick who was murdered by an ex-boyfriend a week ago. He said in part:

"Back in September 2018, I was in a beautiful, great, best relationship of my life with a woman named Amie Harwick. She was a sex therapist and mental health advocate. She had a PhD and a master’s degree, and she was beautiful and fun, and cared deeply about people and improving their lives and was just a joy to be around. I was so in love with her."

On a special playlist of songs he made for Amie: “We would sing the words in each other’s ears. We would hold each other and dance in the kitchen to it and slow dance in the bathroom to it, and the office, living room or where we were. I would hold her and we would hold hands in the car and listen to it. We would sing to each other,” he said. “All these songs were so important to us and I want to play them for you, so you can hear how much we loved each other through these songs.”

Introducing the set list: “I just want to say, I’m so broken up. Even after we broke up, we still loved each other very much. Even though we broke up the engagement, I was still so in love with her. And she loved me back. I could never hear these songs again without thinking of her so this next set is for Amie Harwick, a beautiful person who didn’t deserve to die like she did. I loved her very much,”

On taking time off to grieve: “I might take a couple weeks off because I’m in really no position to work or entertain anybody right now but I wanted to get this set out there for her and just put it out there how I loved her.”

He also shared a playlist he had made for Amie. The set of songs included Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons’ “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” The “5” Royales’ “Dedicated to the One I Love,” Rascals’ “A Girl Like You,” Herman’s Hermits’ “I’m Into Something Good,” Three Dog Night’s “Old Fashioned Love Song,” and The Damned’s “New Rose.”


Man accused of killing ex-girlfriend Amie Harwick charged with murder, is eligible for the death penalty
Amie's brother demands apology from Wendy Williams for vile joke
Autopsy results (trigger warning)
Amie Harwick's murder brings renewed demands for stronger stalking, domestic violence laws

Tags: celebrity social media, death, sensitive content, violence / domestic abuse
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