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An 💍NTD 💍riginal Series: Ugliest Engagement Rings


Let's be real, ONTD: most engagement rings are boring or tacky af or ugly as hell, especially when adorning our (least) favourite celebrities. Since we ONTDers are well-known Dictators of Taste, let's celebrate celebrity engagement rings with a tournament to the ugliest.

I've taken the liberty of putting together a mini-FAQ/info below the cut:

Wait, seriously?

Yes, I'm avoiding my actual work as much as possible right now. We're going to have a nomination post, the top sixteen rings will then be voted on in a tournament-style series of posts until we've crowned the ugliest.

How many rings can I nominate?

As many as you want! Hopefully, we'll have enough nominations that we can have a full sweet sixteen, if not, we'll adjust accordingly.

How does the nomination/voting process work?

Like with all nomination posts, you make your suggestion and then your fellow ONTDers will comment (y'all know how this works lbr) and then I'll tally the comments for the results. When we get to the actual tournament, we're gonna have polls you can vote through.

Can I nominate a celebrity who seems to have unfortunate taste in engagement rings as a group nom, i.e. Scarlett Johansson or Paris Hilton?

That'll depend on how many rings get nominated. If we're struggling to get enough noms then no, but if we get plenty of nominations then I'm down for grouping celebrity rings into one larger nom. Point is, feel free to nominate individual uglies and group uglies and we'll play it by ear.

What makes a ring ugly? What are the actual parameters of this bs tournament, Beau?

Well, ugly is in the eyes of the beholder so it's up to you to campaign and help your fellow Jackels see the light! Seriously, it can be any ring you don't like and just have fun with it.


MARCH 1: Nominations posts
MARCH 8: Sweet Sixteen bracket
MARCH 15: Quarterfinals
MARCH 22: Semi-finals
MARCH 29: Final

thanks to eveofrevolution for suggesting the tournament-style all the way back in january!

So what do you think ONTD? Let's have a wedding/engagement FFA post
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