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Fresh Off The Boat Series Aired Its Series Finale :( :( :(

It was in 2 parts the second episode was directed by Randall Park. It was his first time directing the show. He says it feels like the right time for the show to end. Randall says he put a lot of pressure on himself directing the episode that he didn't have a lot of time to take it all in people were saying goodbyes and he was just thinking of the next scene/set up they were filming. He is going to miss Louis' world view, but he thinks Louis' positivity, his love of life and the people around him has become part of him as well.

The show ends in a flash forward and we see where the kids are in 2008...

Eddie own a restaurant.
Emery became an actor
Evan graduated Havard class of 2008.

There is a spin-off in the works with an Indian-American family.


I'm going to miss this show, even though it went downhill when they moved out of the house and moved back . And Jessica somehow became a menance who needed to learn a lesson every episode. 
Tags: constance wu, fresh off the boat (abc), television - abc
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