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Zamboni driver makes NHL debut and gets the win!

- In a game against the Toronto Maple Leafs both of the Carolina Hurricanes' goalies had to leave due to injuries. This is an incredibly rare occurrence but has happened enough that the NHL has emergency goalies. They are usually minor-league goalies provided by the home team or venue hockey arena, as a third goalie, available to either team playing, when both their roster's starting goalie and backup goalie are injured.
- 42 year-old Zamboni driver David Ayres filled in the spot, becoming the third emergency backup goalie in modern NHL history. Ayres had previously played for the Norwood Vipers of the Allan Cup Hockey League. Ayres is also a kidney transplant survivor.
- After allowing in the first 2 goals against him Ayres helped lead the Hurricanes to victory. Blocking 8 shots.
- Ayres is the oldest goaltender ever – emergency backup or otherwise – to win a regular-season debut. He is also the first emergency goalie to record a win.
- The Hurricanes have already released an Ayres #90 shirt in their team store. They will be splitting the profits with Ayres and a portion will go to a kidney foundation of Ayres' choice.
- Ayres was ranked #1 star at the post-game.

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i needed a feel good story, and this is it.
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