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The View: Nathan Fillion, Matt Gaetz, Hot Topics

Full Panel

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion is promoting The Rookie

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Plays clip. Whoopi talks about his career progression. Says everything he learned, he learned on One Life to Live. Doesn’t know if Firefly is coming back. Used to sing telegrams, shows photo dressed as Tarzan. Has a tattoo of a cobra on his back, shows insta photo. It’s fake, he was punking his mom. Sunny talks about The Rookie. Talks about the show summary. He and his brother used to play a game, CHIPs. Brother played Ponch and NF played Baker. Had walkie talkies with poor range. Tells story. NF says a tiny bit about Suicide Squad 2. Describes his outfit.

Hot Topic Hello 911 I Need to Report a Murder

Plays clip. Warren was on fire! Warren joins via satellite from Las Vegas. EW feels good about her performance. Joy thought she did great but wonders if it was misdirected going after other Dems vs T45. EW explains her tactics. She’s still spicy. EW feels we have to get the right nominee before we go after T45. [Her voice is hoarse she’s still fired up]. EW does all her explaining. [That debate was like Hunger Games]. EW tells another joke about what Bloomberg is doing. Brings up stop n frisk and redlining. Talks more about the nda’s.

Sunny thought EW was terrific. Talks a lot more about stop n frisk. Meghan brings up communist attacks. EW says she’s a capitalist, explains lengthy background.

Hot Topic RedRum RedRum Debate

Joy thinks when it’s all said and done, people will vote for Uncle Joe. Sunny doesn’t think EW is someone to count out. Surprised that more people won’t support her. Meghan wonders why we can’t give a woman credit for doing a great job last night. Whoopi didn’t like it that they went after Bloomberg, instead of T45. Says everyone has baggage, no one is pure. Doesn’t like that people stop giving the voters credit, and Bloomberg was voted in multiple terms. Felt like it wasted time taking Bloomberg down. MSNBC should be taken to task, because they changed the rules to let Bloomberg in.

Hot Topic F’ck Matt Gaetz

F’ck Matt Gaetz. That is all.

Hot Topic What Movie Scared You?

Joy says Bambi. Sunny says Nightmare on Elm Street. Meghan says Neverending Story. Whoopi says The Exorcist.

Hot Topic Honoring Black History Month Mary Bowser

Click to read more about Mary Bowser

Mary Jane Richards, also known as Mary Jane Richards Denman, Mary Jane Richards Garvin and possibly Mary Bowser, was a Union spy during the Civil War. She was enslaved from birth in Richmond, Virginia, but was effectively freed as a young child in 1843 when her owner, John Van Lew, died and his daughter, the abolitionist Elizabeth "Bet" Van Lew, took ownership of all his slaves and subsequently freed them all (though not legally, as emancipation of slaves was forbidden). Bet Van Lew then had Richards sent to school. When the Civil War broke out, Van Lew recruited her to serve as a spy and helper for the Union cause. She relayed information she heard to Van Lew, who in turn communicated it to Union leadership. Richards was only one of a spy ring run by Van Lew, although Van Lew considered Richards her most important source.

There are claims that Whoopi makes during the segment that are directly refuted as unsubstantiated on the woman’s Wiki page. The View intern, do your job, damn.

Hot Topic Replace Me-again McCain™

If you took a drink every time she talked over someone or interrupted them, we’d be drunk every morning before noon.

Ontd what movie scared you?

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