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Who Was The Third Person Voted Out On Survivor: Winners At War

Who was the third person voted out on Survivor: Winners At Winner, and sent to Edge of Extinction?

[Spoiler (click to open)]Danni!

So the first three people voted out have been women. So fuck that.

The episode started off with Rob finding the extra Fire Token in his possession, leading him to believe that Amber was voted out. He was super pissed at Sandra for betraying him, and vowed revenge.

Later in the episode, Denise and Kim both found Hidden Immunity Idols. The Idols were unique because they were each actually two halves of a whole. Whoever found the Idol had to give one half to someone else before sundown, and it would only have power when combined again.

Denise discussed her options with Adam, who immediately told her that giving her half to Parvati would be a bad idea. So she gave it Adam. Kim decided to give her half to Sophie.

Not much happened on the Blue tribe, besides Tony building a flimsy ladder to one-up Yul (who had knocked down some fruit from a tree earlier). Tony and Sarah reconnected and decided to form a Cop Alliance.

On the Red tribe, it was chaos as usual. Ben was labelled an untrustworthy wildcard by pretty much everyone. Adam and Denise were trying to keep themselves afloat in the Rob/Parvati show. Jeremy and Michele were pissed at the fact that they were left completely in the dark about everything. Danni decided to turn on Parvati, which lead to Parv, Ethan and Rob turning on her. There wasn’t much strategy shown here, which I’m annoyed about.

During the Reward/Immunity challenge, the Blue tribe won after Rob and Denise completely bombed the puzzle portion of the challenge.

Over on EoE, Natalie found an advantage. She decided to sell it to Jeremy, who used the extra Fire Token Natalie had given him earlier to buy it. This advantage will allow him to leave a Tribal Council before the votes are cast. He won’t be able to vote, but he can’t be voted out either. Fortunately with all mayhem and lack of any gameplay on his tribe, he wasn’t in any danger, so he didn’t have to play it this time.

At Tribal Council, Ben went on a rant about Idols and trust, and Old School vs New School. This lead to everyone dumping out the contents of their bags. Denise and Adam managed to keep their halves of the Idol hidden. After a bunch more irrelevant crap was said, and some awkward whispering occurred behind people’s backs, Danni was voted out. She tossed her Fire Token into Denise’s bin before heading to EoE.

Of course it had to be another woman. They couldn’t have just voted out Ben or Rob, could they?

How are Rob and Parvati still even there?

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