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Like an unmade bed.

Canadian scandal alert! Former Cineplex employee Tanner Zipchen was paid in Scene points

Backstory for our non-Canadians: Tanner Zipchen was the host of Cineplex's pre-movie show. Ie, the ads/previews/trivia portion one sees before a movie begins. When he was hired in 2015, Cineplex paid him 52,000 Scene points (frequent movie-watcher points) a year, equating to 1,000 a points a week to be "cashed in" for a free movie. Now the tea has been spilled and Canada is scandalized!

-The beloved host was let go in January when Cineplex (a billion dollar company!) was bought by a British media group
-He earned 52,000 Scene points a year and free digital rentals for 3 years before fighting for a salary
-He knew what he was getting into because he won a contest to be the host, but his hosting duties started eating into real-life priorities and a paying job he was balancing at the time
-It seems he wants to bring attention to the free labour aspect of it
-Full story at the Toronto Star if you can make it past their paywall


Canadian ONTDers, how many Scene points do you have? I'm at 3,300
Tags: canadian celebrities, eat the rich, scandal
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