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Zoë Kravitz Wore Some Of Her Own Clothes For 'High Fidelity'


+ Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood got a personal request from Zoë Kravitz to come work on Hulu's High Fidelity costumes.
+ Kravitz played a big part in curating the clothes for her character so items from her own closet also pop up in the show, including some vintage music T-shirts.
+ On going back to the movie to pay homage~: I definitely did look at the movie again just to give it a nod. You want that feeling of the original because it does have a great vibe to it in its time. But the thing that I thought, what was really great was Zoë made a playlist, and she gave it to me. And, to me, that was the most insightful thing she could've done. Just listening to the music told me so much about her character.
+ On the black coat: That was mine; how weird is that?! That was a trench coat I had for like ever. And we were trying to find it because it's truly a homage to the original [movie,] but we couldn't. So I had one at home that I hadn't worn for three years just sitting there, and I took it and recut it because it was exactly the right '60s vibe we were looking for without it looking too designed. It was an old Banana Republic leather coat from probably 10 years ago at least.
+ On pulling stuff from Zoë's closet: Her shoes were some older platform YSL ankle boots that she had and had been wearing a lot. And we tried to buy more, but we couldn't get them because they were a couple of seasons old. So I copied those so she could have her real shoes back. She brought in a lot of T-shirts and random sort of pieces of clothing, and then, with that and what we shopped together and what I'd bring in on my own, we pulled her closet together and created a character. I also used children's clothes. She's so small it doesn't limit you as much to be able to get things altered. Because stuff can look big on her and it looks great, or it can fit properly and look great also. So it gave me a lot of latitude.

[some of the outfits]

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ontd, what was you favorite outfit?
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