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Pureflix: The Streaming Platform for Devout Christians | “It’s hard to be white”

PureFlix, commonly referred to as the “Netflix for Christians,” has become a mini media empire for family-friendly faith-based content. Emma Elle Roberts is an actress who has become well-known in the faith-based media space for her roles in Pure Flix produced movies and shows. In this episode of FAME-ish, we follow Emma as she weighs the pros and cons of leaving faith-based work behind to pursue secular mainstream roles and discusses her fears that she will be judged for doing so.

Perhaps the most interesting part of this video is the struggle of being a white Christian actor in Hollywood, according to actress Emma Elle Roberts. After drinking a few glasses of wine, she tells her boyfriend at the 11:13 mark: “Yeah but you know that very rarely do I get auditions where they aren't asking for someone that’s ethnic. Or something very specific,” she says. “‘Cause I rarely get auditions where they’re looking for a white blonde girl anymore. It’s a hard time. You have a hard time, I have a hard time. Not only is it hard to be a Christian actor, it’s hard to be white. I said it.”

Her boyfriend Jared Lotz, another white Christian actor, looks visibly uncomfortable and says, “I mean.” She then glares at him before he finally agrees, “Yeah ok.”

Both actors met and starred in last year’s controversial anti-abortion film “Unplanned.”

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