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Bad Influence: Feds say Instagram "Influencer"/Youtuber used followers to run $1.5 million scam

-An Instagrammer and Youtuber by the name of Kayg0ldi (government name Kayla Massa) and 10 others were arrested after investigators unraveled a 1.5 million dollar debit card and check cashing scam

-The network of scammers fabricated checks in the name of local businesses and stole blank postal money orders from a local post office

-Kayg0ldi then advertised on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook promising her followers "quick cash" in exchange for using their bank accounts and debit cards(!!!) for a few days to deposit the fake financial documents and withdraw the funds

[Read More]-Most of the users to fall for the scam were teens and college-aged. They were unfortunately left holding the bag (or lack thereof) when their banks reversed the fraudulent deposits, leaving them with overdrawn accounts

-When the scammed followers tried to get in touch with Kayg0ldi, they found she had blocked their phone numbers and social media accounts

-Unsurprisingly, they were caught because they were dumb and sloppy

-The crew spent their scammed millions investing in commodities, ETFs, and real estate properties.


-According to the feds "The group financed purchases of luxury items, including jewelry, watches, other luxury goods and apparel, vehicles, with the stolen funds."

Sources: One Two
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