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Bieber Opens Up About Fame and Life in an....Interesting Interview

He did an interview with Zane Lowe... was sad and anxious through most of it.
- 6:55 Hailey would check in on him through mutual friends before they got back together and would get mad when they'd said hes doing well without her??  wtf???
- 25:30 talks about being protective of Billie Eilish who is a big fan of his, and how he had fake people around him during the height of his fame
cries a little bit?? and says he doesnt want her to go through what he went through

- at 34:00 talks about wanting a family but later, he wants to tour and enjoy marriage a little longer, the kinda dad he wants to be is to be led by the holy spirit
- Wants to create a tour atmosphere where everyone employed feels valued and respected and to have weekly meetings, his previous tour life was dysfunctional,  by the end of the tour everyone has cliques and they're not a big group working toward common goal?
- 38:00... "what is love? " quotes the bible...
- 39:00 He doesnt believe humans are good at the core, he fights temptation daily and things that are instintctive in order to be good? Humanity is broken.
- 40:35 a very deep moment about pain... please watch.
- overall he seems very sad in the entire thing. damn.

Tags: interview, justin bieber
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