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Who Were The First Two Contestants Voted Out On Survivor: Winners At War?

In what is probably the most exciting season in recent years for Survivor fans, season 40 has brought back 20 past winners to fight it out for a $2 Million dollar prize, the biggest in reality television history.

The first episode was two hours long, super fast-paced, and saw two people get voted out and put on Edge of Extinction (this is the probably the only season that should have such a thing). So who were the two past winners that got the early boot?

The first boot, and the first person to head to Edge of Extinction is.... [Spoiler (click to open)]Natalie

This tribe was all over the place before going to Tribal Council. The vote was initially going to be for Rob, as planned by Danni. But Ben ran right to the target and told him everything. Then it was going to be Danni, but since she was honest with Rob, he decided to form an alliance with her instead. (Rob and Parvati joined forces right away, then created the Old School alliance with Danni and Ethan).

It then shifted to either Denise or Adam, who made the mistake of wondering off together early in the episode. Everyone (rightfully) assumed they were now in an tight two-person alliance and must be separated. Adam then argued that as far as two-person alliances go, there’s none stronger than Rob and Amber. But since the idiots on this tribe weren’t going to target Rob, he also pointed out that Natalie and Jeremy have a super strong bond. In the end Natalie was voted out.

This season also introduced Fire Tokens. Each contestant starts off with one token. Once voted out, they have to give their token to anyone still in the game. Natalie gave hers to Jeremy. They can also earn more tokens while on Edge of Extinction. This is done through advantages and prizes they find on EoE, which they can trade for tokens with those still in the game.

Natalie found an Idol and gave it to Sandra. Sandra had a choice to either decline, or buy it with her one token. She chose to buy it. Natalie can then use any token she earns this way to buy stuff for herself on EoE. It sounds confusing, but once you see it played out, it’s really just buying and selling.

The second boot, and the second person to head to Edge of Extinction is.... [Spoiler (click to open)]Amber

Yul and Sophie formed an alliance of outsiders along with Wendell and Nick, and successfully controlled the outcome of the first vote. Amber was voted out after Yul pointed out to everyone that Kim, Tyson, Rob and Jeremy had all played poker together (once, in 2018) and had even made a pact that if they were ever on a season together, they’d form an alliance. Amber was apparently in that Poker Alliance simply because she’s Rob’s wife. Kim ended up turning on Amber in a move to save herself.

Amber gave her token to Rob before heading to EoE.

But was it smart to keep bigger threats, like Tony, Kim, Sandra and Tyson around? Or was voting out Amber a means to ensure Rob doesn’t have as much power right away?

To the 5 Survivor fans here, who are you rooting for? Source: 1 2 3
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