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Justin Timberlake Had Bottles Of Urine Thrown At Him

Struggling aspiring actor and serial cheater, Justin Timberlake, appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” with his “Trolls” co-star Anna Kendrick and was joined by guests Oti Mabuse and Alan Carr. During the interview, Timberlake recalled the time he was once invited by Mick Jagger to perform at a charity event in Toronto and was pelted with bottles of urine.

“You would think Canadians are historically peaceful people,” Timberlake began. “I show up to the show and I look at the bill: It’s the Rolling Stones and AC/DC and The Guess Who. You get the picture. Somewhere in there: me. It was a bit of a blur, but I just remember saying to the band before I went on, ‘I don’t think this is going to go well.'”

“Little did I know how bad it was going to go because we came on stage… I think one day of this festival hosted 500,000 people,” he continued. “All of a sudden, bottles of urine were then thrown at the stage. It wasn’t always good times for me, guys.”

The bus throwing singer continues adding that eventually the crowd gave up and stopped throwing bottles of urine at him. “I still have a lot of trauma from this incident,” he said. “Either they ran out of nerve, because they knew I was going to stay there, or they ran out of urine. So kids, be tenacious.”

Poor thing.

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