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ONTD Orginal: Games That We Spend Embarrassing Amount of Time On

Happy Valetines Day, my videogame ONTDers.  (I really need to remember to make a card next year for you guys!)

I am back with another orginal.  In the honor of my replaying Dark Cloud 2, I decided to dive into games that I spend a great deal of time on.  It doesn't matter if I am searching for metals, trying to get that last skill point, or I want to cook that one last recipe.    All of these games I clocked over +100 hours on.  So, seat back and relax.

Dark Cloud 2
Play Time:  122 hours
OP's Note:  This game was the first one that I hit 100+ hours.  How you might asked?  While Sony didn't introduce,trophies until later, this sneaky game had metals.  Each level had 3 metals that you can earn with various requirements.  Of course, My younger self wanted to earn  all of them.   (I don't think I did but it wasn't from the lack of trying).  Oh, lets not forget the golf mini game.

Persona Games
Play Time:  P3: 150 hours P4: 169 hours P5:  201 hours
OP's Note:  I decided to lump all of these games together because I can.  I didn't want clog the list with all 3 games.  These games have a ton of replay value and things to do.  Beside P5, I want replay P3 and P4 again.  Funny thing, I just got finish replaying them.

Ratchet and Clank:  A Crack In Time
Playtime:  101 hours
OP's note:  You guys know that I have a thing for metals.  I also have a thing for skill points and gold bolts.  Oh, and blow up things and turning enemies into fluffy creatures.

Pokemon Silver
Play Time:  120 hours (before I lost the carriage)
OP's note:  This game remain one of my favorite Pokemon games of all time.  The amount of time that I spent running around to explore, to catch Pokemon, and do sidequests.

Dragon Quest XI
Play Time:  130 hours (because my brother told me to stop)
Op's Note:  This game is huge.  The act themselves are long but then you throw in side quests and cooking aspect.  Good Bye, time.

Honorable mentions:  Legend of Heroes 2 (80 hours), PQ (76 hours) Legend of Legaia (70 hours) Suikoden 2 (95 hours)

What games have you spent a lot of time on, ONTD? 

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