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Internet Divided Over Airplane Seat Debacle

A new video surfaced recently of a flight and two passangers who had a conflict...of sorts.

The woman's seat reclines and his doesnt. He punches the back of her seat repeatedly after she's reclined it.

Unrelated to the embedded tweet a lot of online users have commented on the issue with some calling for police to get involved for the man's actions toward the lady's seat.

Who do you think is in the wrong here?

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I haven't watched the video for fear of second hand embarrassment but I actively choose to sit in the front row if I can because of this exact reason, I hate when people recline.

I'm flying to Japan soon and I read that the premium economy seats are like a plastic shell on the outside and the seat reclines but the shell stays in place, if that makes sense? Like the passed part slides down and forward? It's pretty cool, everyone should have it!
what airline? I flew JAL last month & yeah you can recline your seat in premium without it effecting the other rows which is nice
Yeah JAL that was it! I heard they were one of the best economy airlines so I went with them, my flight includes premium on the way home so I'm looking forward to trying it.
damn, i'm flying for the first time in years next month, and i am hoping for the best...
this man being a f**king child is 100% in the wrong. is he drunk? what type of adult human acts like that? if he actually tapped the woman on the shoulder and said something he could've gotten a better result.

and this whole question of 'should you recline your seat in economy?" -- you paid for your 2" recline, you can damn well use it. the man in the back with no recline booked his seat with full details on the lack of recline, that was his choice.
he needs to reevaluate his life choices
i recline every time so i have a chance to sue immature adults who harass me on the plane, i would be delighted in suing this crazy man-child and all the ONTDers saying they dont blame him for punching the seat
The worst are those idiots that don’t even bother to put it back for eating.

I usually wait until the person behind me is asleep before I recline my seat

Deleted comment

The seats recline. There is nothing wrong with reclining. Be a fucking adult and use your words to deal with disagreements.
As someone who is hyper aware of being considerate of other peoples personal space the "the seats are made to recline" thing is very... something. Just because you can doesn't mean you aren't being a rude entitled shit. (Caveats obviously for those with health issues but I also think plane companies should accommodate those people at no extra cost.)

it's so weird to act like being entitled to things you are literally entitled to is the same thing as wanting something not obliged to you, but i understand social concepts are hard, and concepts of "rudeness" aren't consistent in any way.


1 month ago

clarification. Entitlement, for me, is placing yourself above everyone elses comfort, you're entitled to take your shoes off on a plane but it's highly uncomfortable and gross for the majority of other people. Same as bringing smelly hot food on public transport, not leaving a step of space between you and the other people in the queue, putting your shoes on seats in public, coughing or sneezing without covering your mouth, listening to your phone without headphones, talking on your phone while being attended by a customer service representative. it's funny how there seems to be this movement to be kind to people but there isn't the same emphasis placed on being fucking considerate of other people.

But whatever.


1 month ago

I flew 8+ hours twice this week and as a fat person I can say reclining makes it difficult for me to fit in my seat. Yeah I should lose weight and blah blah blah but it's still fucking rude to take the little space I have.
He is wrong. Most airlines allow you to pick your seat, some you have to pay for it. He should have chosen a better seat or ask politely if the lady in front of him wouldn't recline. He could've also asked the stewardess if he could move.

I know my spouse is really tall, so we usually buy the extra room seats but on a recent trip they were sold out. The woman in front of him reclined her seat hitting his legs. He didn't get upset and start punching the seat, he dealt with it. Eventually, the stewardess was nice enough to find him a seat with more room and allowed him to move without paying extra.
The guy is obviously in the wrong. Who even DOES that?

That said, I do think it's just common courtesy to make sure it's fine with the other person before you recline. But even if you don't ask, I'd say it's also common courtesy to ask the person ahead of you if they could maybe not recline their seat. If they say no, suck it up, unless there's some medical reasoning behind it.
They're both being complete assholes, but the real enemy is capitalism that makes airlines cram more seats into less space to get more people on a flight, then these two fight because people aren't given enough space to be comfortable.
airplane seats barely recline. i have never once been inconvenienced by someone reclining their seat.
this guy is an asshole.... the seat in front of him reclines? big whoop. it's not her fault so don't make her life hell. that said, i was on a transatlantic flight recently and the amount of space that there WASN'T was downright criminal. i was very physically sore and had trouble sitting straight afterward as a passenger on the two-hour drive from the airport. the discomfort was so bad that i actually wanted to cry and for a moment thought i'd had severe damage to my body. the flight on the way back was remarkably better, more room, even if we were still a little bit cramped. but damn it sucks that that is typical of a lot of flights. i truly wonder what it would take to improve this?

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