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Internet Divided Over Airplane Seat Debacle

A new video surfaced recently of a flight and two passangers who had a conflict...of sorts.

The woman's seat reclines and his doesnt. He punches the back of her seat repeatedly after she's reclined it.

Unrelated to the embedded tweet a lot of online users have commented on the issue with some calling for police to get involved for the man's actions toward the lady's seat.

Who do you think is in the wrong here?

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February 14 2020, 16:03:31 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  February 14 2020, 16:06:31 UTC

Team recliner. Unfortunately, he got the last seat. Oh well. I've had it before, too.

So she's expected to be MORE uncomfortable so that he can be comfortable? I'm sure the person in front of her was reclining. Be mad at the airline, not other passengers.

Edit: his entitlement is just so shocking to me. The fact that he's kicking her seat... wow
I don't think it's a misogyny issue, it's just that the airlines are the true asshole puppet masters, and these two are asshole puppets. People are way too dramatic. Also I hope none of ontd end up on a flight together.
Bruh if he was doing that to my seat I would have def swung tf around and started something. What an annoying, douchey, little twit.
I was in the woman’s position once where I was in the second to last row and because the row behind me couldn’t go back, we were told by the flight attendant that we couldn’t recline either

This was on an overnight flight to London BTW. and we were like ok but the row in front of us can? So we’re the ones getting screwed?

So while I feel the frustration of the guy in the row, it’s childish. Did the woman HAVE to recline? But I’m anti recline unless of physical issues or night flights. Having someone’s head in your lap bc they want to read at an angle is annoying.
Reclining your seat is THE only perk of economy. Take advantage of that perk, and don't begrudge anyone their right to take advantage of the only amenity available to them. Shit.
fuck this dude and anybody defending him, he would have never done this to another man and you KNOW he wouldn't have gotten a pat in the back and a drink if he wasn't white
They fucking encouraged this behavior by giving him a drink. I'm sure he's a lovely person. /s
I’m glad this sort of comment is on both the first and last page of this post because you’re totally right.
how is she stopping him from listening to his earphones lmao fuck all the way off, sir
What a fucking toddler. You know if it were a man sitting there he wouldn’t be pulling that shit.
love the rich dude who takes private planes lecturing the masses about flight etiquette
The rich dude who literally had reclining seats in every plane his airline uses and whose company has no policy in place about restrictions on reclining.
And this is why I hate flying Delta. Some of my worst flights have been with them.
i'm sure he doesn't ask permission to convert his first class seat into a bed.
he can take several coach seats
He sucks worse.

Sometimes life is annoying. Suck it up and move on. Acting like a spoiled child is not okay.
Lol both kinda shit, but dude is shittier.

I rarely recline my seat because I hate when it happens to me. But if they do, I usually do it too (but not max) because of the distance of the screen to my eyes, I cannot focus if it's too close.
It was wrong of him to punch her seat in response. He could have handled that way better.
idk about y'all but when i'm on an airplane sitting in economy, i'm gonna be expecting to be very cramped and uncomfortable...
I’ve just removed myself from the situation by only flying first class in the front row so there is nobody in front of me to recline. I also never recline my seat. The trade off is I’ll never be on of those people to be like “oh cheap economy tickets let’s go on a spontaneous trip!” And I’m fine with that

He is deff a fucking asshole for pushing her chair like that
I'm glad someone else said this because this is what I do too to avoid these situations because it used to be me getting someone's chair on my knees. My 6'3 legs can't handle the constant beating of my knees with them reclining against me all flight. Its more expensive but worth every penny.
this just shows how accepting people are of male violence, especially towards women. and of course if he weren't white he'd have homeland security waiting for him at the airport. but at the very least he should be arrested for air rage offences, people have been charged for less violent behaviour so I don't see why this guy is getting defended.
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