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Internet Divided Over Airplane Seat Debacle

A new video surfaced recently of a flight and two passangers who had a conflict...of sorts.

The woman's seat reclines and his doesnt. He punches the back of her seat repeatedly after she's reclined it.

Unrelated to the embedded tweet a lot of online users have commented on the issue with some calling for police to get involved for the man's actions toward the lady's seat.

Who do you think is in the wrong here?

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There are some issues that seem to exist only on ONTD For wank purposes.

I always expect the person in front of me to recline and they usually do. The majority of people recline their seats.
Have *wanted* to take vengeance on folks who recline by punching their seat? Only in my fantasies! His behavior is fucked up and someone should have intervened to resolve the situation and ensure it didn't escalate further to actual violence.
Americans are so strange
fuck reclining seats PERIODT
Lol just call me when your futuristic electric-powered airplanes are ready to go @America k bye
I would be totally up for flying in capsules like those capsule hotels
Yep. While y’all charge it to the dust and let the rain settle it over a chair, this could’ve been an possibility for a good investment to upgrade and improve our future. 2020, this is your chance to shine! Be a HBIC
Reminds me of The 5th Element! That's how I want to fly.


1 month ago

I was on a flight from Helsinki to New York once where I was stuck with this same seat. We get dinner service basically immediately after boarding and the guy in front of me has already reclined. Before the flight attendant hands him his meal, she physically pulls his seat up because he refused to sit upright when she asked. He stays upright until she moves to my row. She’s just handed me a glass of red wine and I’m reaching to set it on my tray table when he slams the seat back all the way. The wine goes flying, a little on me and the guy next to me , but mostly on the guy in front of me. I didn’t feel bad.

He did spend the rest of the flight moving his seat upright and slamming it backwards every 10 minutes or so. I had to admire to commitment to revenge even though if he hadn’t been feeling the need to lay down while eating he wouldn’t have had wine all over him.
I feel like 90% of people recline on the flights I've been on anyway, with the exception of meal service when people are asked to straighten up. I think it's always nice to ask and glance behind you now and then to make sure someone isn't eating/working. Then again, I think JetBlue seats are a little roomier than most for domestic.
I've never been on a plane where nobody reclines. Nobody asks about it, either. Sometimes I don't recline because it's more uncomfortable for me than just sitting up, but I've never in 30 years of flying seen ANYBODY ask. People recline in their seats as soon as the seatbelt light is off. It's just how things work on a plane at the moment.

I would have lost it at this asshole punching a woman's seat.
I'll never get the drama a lot of people here have over reclining, if the seat reclines, then it's allowed for the passenger to recline the seat


February 14 2020, 15:40:34 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 14 2020, 15:43:02 UTC

I always reserve a seat way before flying and would never accept a seat like his. If flying economy, I always try to get exit row seats when I can or at least an aisle seat so I can stretch my legs.

That said, he could have nicely asked the lady to stop reclining or spoke with a flight attendant to explain his plight and maybe he could have been transferred. But then, he’s obviously an asshole so he chose to do that. I hate dealing with messy co-passengers.
oh its airplane wank time again huh
Let's say for the sake of argument that she was being a dick. Once you react with violence/a physical reaction to someone who's just being a dick, you're 100% in the wrong in the situation.
Plane seats recline. So people recline. I dont get the debate at all. I dont care if people recline, I will recline too.


February 14 2020, 16:02:31 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 14 2020, 16:05:18 UTC

He's wrong. But I also think there should be an eject button if someone reclines. If it wasn't illegal, I would take seat lock clips on a plane and stop the reclining.
I hate recliners. I was on a 9 hour European flight with two dogs sitting with me and I could barely maneuver them because they were like trapped underneath the seat when the person in front of me was reclined. It was awful.

That being said this guy is a psycho and is totally wrong for Punching this woman’s seat!??
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