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Internet Divided Over Airplane Seat Debacle

A new video surfaced recently of a flight and two passangers who had a conflict...of sorts.

The woman's seat reclines and his doesnt. He punches the back of her seat repeatedly after she's reclined it.

Unrelated to the embedded tweet a lot of online users have commented on the issue with some calling for police to get involved for the man's actions toward the lady's seat.

Who do you think is in the wrong here?

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men should have to ride underneath the plane
Trade men for the pets stowed in cargo area 2k20
strapped to the wings, tbh
sdlkfjsd shame on you for making me laugh out loud at work
I almost choked on my food.
lol irl
thank you for this visual lmao
Let’s remember the true enemy: the airline corporations who continue to decrease seat sizes and amenities, jam in as many tiny seats as humanly possible, and tack on additional fees (eg paying for carryon bags now) so that people can’t afford to upgrade their seats.

honestly airlines need more regulation. air travel isn’t luxury or just for upper class business people, working class people rely on it so much now but it has become an increasingly hellish industry/experience if you’re not in “first class”.
i don't recline my seat despite being a big person lol. i hate recliners because my lower limbs are often cramped into small legroom so...
Both of them. And using the word punching is a little extreme. It's more like rocking.
Both. I can't watch the video rn. Did he first politely ask her to move her seat back?


February 15 2020, 16:21:52 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  February 15 2020, 16:24:40 UTC

Apparently she reclined her seat during mealtime (which...to me personally that’s hugely inconsiderate in the first place), he spoke to her about it then and she agreed to move her seat back, but she then reclined agin once they were done eating. I would have been frustrated too ngl, I hate being stuck behind someone who puts their seat fully back the very minute take-off is over, but his response is certainly massively out of proportion
Whenever I'm in a bus with reclining seats, I recline them slowly enough to warn the person behind me and not all the way down, just enough.

I normally get the same treatment from people in front of me, and sometimes they go all the way down fast and it's annoying and rude and I tell them that.
Damn some of y'all really hate reclining when there's a man being literally violent towards a woman and you guys say both people suck.

yes i cant at people being like yeah he was kinda violent but reclining your seat is far worse
Lol right? Even if you think a person is rude that’s not a justification for violence!
yup yup yup
seriously, what the fuck are these comments
mte wtf are people doing?
IMO it is mildly jerkish to recline all the way on shorter flights (cross-country & international are a different story) but the airline puts the recline function in there and it's hardly outrageous for people to use it.

punching someone's seat endlessly, however, is aggressive and scary.
i can't believe this is even a debate fuck that dude. fuck airlines too for this environment they created
Lol @ anyone defending this man child.

He had plenty of space, her mild recline was nothing.

Don’t fly if you can’t handle other people reclining their seats.
Everyone SHOULD be mad at the airlines, for creating this situation and making flying the miserable fucking experience it is.
Okay, so I’ve been flying a lot recently. But on one of my last flights, there was an empty seat between me (aisle) and this dude (window). He reclines his seat before take off and the guy behind him is like “hey man can you not recline, you’re crushing my legs” and he responds “well, it’s a plane so too bad.” And then another guy behind him is like “well, you’re not supposed to be reclined before take off anyway.”
And then the fucker beside me spends ALL FOUR HOURS of the flight reclined, he puts all of his stuff in the seat between us and then he’s so stretched out that at some point his foot hits my knee! HE WASN’T EVEN TALL! He was like 5’7 tops. My partner is a 6ft tall woman and never spreads like that on a flight. I spent all flight cursing him. I should have had a decent flight but I was so cramped up. I hate people.
he's an asshole and a toddler
She's wrong, she can obviously see there's no room for him to recline and not everyone wants to recline.
she had a medical need for it, and he knows the deal when he gets on a plane
Did he know of her medical need?


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Reclining on flights that are less than 5 hours is rude as hell. I would have never reclined my seat if i knew the person behind me would be uncomfortable. The man should not have thrown a tantrum like a toddler, sometimes you get the short end of the stick so just move on.
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