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Internet Divided Over Airplane Seat Debacle

A new video surfaced recently of a flight and two passangers who had a conflict...of sorts.

The woman's seat reclines and his doesnt. He punches the back of her seat repeatedly after she's reclined it.

Unrelated to the embedded tweet a lot of online users have commented on the issue with some calling for police to get involved for the man's actions toward the lady's seat.

Who do you think is in the wrong here?

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I'm team "ask before you recline" and think the woman was being a jerk but repeatedly punching the seat in response is straight up unhinged on the dude's part. 99% sure he wouldn't have behaved like that with a man.
They both are awful, inconsiderate people who deserve all the scorn coming their way.
Who do you think is in the wrong here?

The airplane designer
lol mte

the airlines are at fault overall with their greedy asses
LMAO exactly.
lmao literally, the airline
Just ask the flight attendant to help, Jesus Christ dude. I hate it when people recline their seats on domestic flights but they have the functionality for a reason.

Reclining your seat and being a bit rude on a plane isn't against the rules. Being violent is.


February 14 2020, 11:05:37 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  February 14 2020, 11:06:30 UTC

This is taking me back to when I had to go on a 13 hour flight while six months pregnant. I hate flying at the best of times as I struggle with claustrophobia (I hate the feeling of being fenced in and not having any room, so a seat coming back towards me makes me feel uncomfortable and panicky) and have really long legs, but it was so much worse being pregnant. I was in a back seat that didn't recline so I politely asked the guy in front of me if he would consider not reclining and he did. All the way. For the entire flight. He wouldn't even go forward when we had a meal and I had no space at all to even eat that. My back hurt so bad. And like yeah, I know, it was my choice to an extent to be pregnant and to fly and to not upgrade but still. Try and be a bit considerate.
What a shitty person, I’m sorry you were seated behind a wild animal.
The worst is when people recline and then sit up to eat their meal or something. It’s like they’re doing it out of spite
On my long flights with meals, the flight attendants have always made people put their seats up for meal service, but those are primarily non-us carriers.
I’m so sorry that happened to you. People are selfish w/o any sense of remorse or consideration and it’s sad.
i’m shocked by the answers of her being the one in the wrong??? he’s literally being a child???

what if the person in front of her reclined? he got a shitty seat, that’s not her fault


February 14 2020, 11:23:32 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  February 14 2020, 11:23:57 UTC

I've paid extra for slighty more leg room on my 14 hr flight from AUS to LA in May cause I don't want somebody reclining into my knees and me being angry the whole time
Sorry to tell you sis but those upgrades are usually bullshit lol
The upgrade to premium economy from chicago to madrid was 1000% worth it. More leg room, I think my seat was slightly bigger, a toiletry kit, and the seat between me and the other person was also empty!
This truly depends on airline, plane, seat configurations, and what kind of upgrade was purchased. Now, if they leaped from economy to premium economy, that can be a huge difference.
are you flying jetstar lol
Hopefully you get lucky like I did the past two times I flew Sydney-LA and get an underbooked flight. On both flights everyone was able to spread out so we all got our own row of seats lmao it was wonderful
Tbh it's what I plan to do on my 16 hour flight from Seoul to Detroit in the summer lol tired of this shit
It’s depressing that THAT is “being reclined all the way” lol cause it doesn’t look comfortable at all. Like people are acting as if she’s an asshole for prioritizing her comfort and I’m watching this video like... what comfort?
It's a risk you run.

I was more annoyed by the guy in front of me that changed his seat every minute so that I got seat in my face every minute - until I put my knees up so I wouldn't get nauseous because of my screen moving around in a different rhythm from the rest of the plane. This after asking if he could move around a bit less flailing.
fuck airlines for squishing people in like sardines when we're all getting fatter and taller
Oh no airport seat wank.

I get VERY annoyed when someone reclines their seat because I’m 5’11” but ultimately they paid for their seat so I just figure it out. It doesn’t press against my knees so much as I feel like I’m being closed in on? Airplanes are designed awfully
ooooookay then.

I've never reclined, but I'm also 5'0 and can't sleep on planes even if I wanted, anyway. I do, however, seethe a special prayer to satan when I'm trying to eat or have a drink and the person in front of me just leaaaaans back without asking. like, i would've been cool if you had asked and given me a chance to clean up. now it's all in my lap. thanks.
He’s in the wrong. It’s not her fault the seat is designed to recline like that. It’s not illegal??
Plenty of inconsiderate things aren’t illegal.
LMAO truly.
for real
I drug myself to fly and if I didn’t recline my head would be constantly bobbing forward. This is dumb
I think it’s fair enough to recline on an overnight flight when you need to sleep and get comfortable, but I read that this was a three hour flight, so personally I wouldn’t have reclined in that situation as I know that most people are more likely to be working on their laptops, watching tv etc, and it’s going to really inconvenience the person behind you if you recline all the way.

The man was 100% in the wrong for punching her seat though, people still have the right recline whenever they feel like it at the end of the day, it can definitely be annoying and inconsiderate, but there’s nothing you can do about it when the seat comes with that function. If it were up to me shorter flights wouldn’t have the option to recline in economy at all lol when we’re already fighting for space and legroom, but they do, so what are you gonna do about it 🤷‍♀️
"If it were up to me shorter flights wouldn't have the option to recline in economy at all"

This is how some flights in Europe work and tbh I don't hate it. I just got back from an Amsterdam - Tel Aviv trip on Easyjet, and that shit didn't recline at all, which I was thrilled about because it eliminated this issue entirely lol.
I was just thinking that, about shorter flights not having reclining seats, I wouldn't mind.
A lot of smaller airplanes that are designed for shorter flights are now built without reclining capabilities. I think that’s fair tbh
Yeah, it's somewhat inconsiderate for her to recline under the circumstances but it's practically psychotic for him to react the way he did.
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