madiison (madiison) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Madison Beer releases music video for new song 'Selfish'

Tags: music / musician, music video, new music post
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her lips look like duck bills
It's pretty hard to look past them.
i always see her on instagram, what does she do ? influencer ?
Justin Bieber "discovered" her on YouTube in 2012 and got her signed to a label and she's spent the past 8 years trying to happen
lmao somehow it makes the perfect sense
I don't think she endorses any products or anything really. Don't think she models either so just a singer I guess. I think she used to be signed by Scooter Braun but I believe he fucked her up as well


1 month ago

OP are you Madison Beer?
LOL I am not. Love her though. Seems like I'm her only fan here !
or anywhere
girl is actually underrated. she's pretty talented imo.
i really like her voice, i wish her label gave her better music though
LOL at her "career."
Where does she get her money from? I saw an article on Snapchat that said she gave her assistant a Benz...
god this whisper singing trend needs to die already. they all sound the same. i can't tell her singing apart form billie eilish's.
I like these recent singles she's been putting out! Nothing groundbreaking but pretty and nice to listen to.
Her best song is that one with KDA