Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC (hoot) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Keith Morrison with Dateline NBC

Orlando Bloom got his son's name in morse code tattooed...and it's spelled wrong

Orlando Bloom decided to get his 9-year-old son Flynn's name tattooed in morse code on his arm along with his birth date and time. After posting the tattoo on Instagram, several people pointed out it doesn't say "Flynn", it says "Frynn".

The tattoo artist posted the tattoo on his instagram and acknowledged the mistake, saying the extra dot needed to correctly spell Flynn will be added.

Sources: 1,2

Do you have any misspelled/bad tattoos?
Tags: celebrity tattoos, orlando bloom
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Lmao if there is any job u check ur work thrice it should be tattooing
Still better than Ariana's "7 Rings" tattoo :D
Visually I think it looks pretty cool but lmao at it being spelled wrong.


February 14 2020, 09:18:05 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  February 14 2020, 09:22:00 UTC

Yeah, MTE. I would totally love to have such a design on the same spot on my arm or maybe somewhere going down the side of my ribs/stomach. Visually I really like the way it looks tbh

And also, this should be another example as to why you shouldn't tattoo something on your body that you know entirely nothing of. Let's not even start when it comes to non-Chinese people who know not even a lick of the language or any idea of any of the letters getting words in Chinese tattooed anywhere on their bodies... 😆
I will never tattoo a language or symbol I cannot read for myself


February 14 2020, 07:23:18 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  February 14 2020, 07:23:38 UTC

I mean, of all “languages,” Morse code is pretty easy to double check yourself. Like literally

He’s just dumb.


February 14 2020, 09:11:06 UTC 4 months ago Edited:  February 14 2020, 09:14:04 UTC

yeah you have to be pretty dumb to get that wrong when you can just recheck it online lmao
it's a really nice tattoo and gesture but lol
That's really sweet. I could never imagine my dad doing that for me lol.
in my experience, plenty of dads do grand gestures like this to be "worlds best dad" but few actually do the work.
True but Orlando does seem to be a pretty good dad


4 months ago

my bio dad has all his kids tattooed on him and he hasn't seen two of us for going on 6 years now lol
Yep, I agree.
lmao that sucks
why would you even post it if you were still gonna correct it why not just post it when it's done lol.
no ragrets

Ah, so this is what it feels like for my soul to leave my body in horror
it sure's is
i cackle every time
oh... oh no...
LMAO omfg
i mean.. this has to be intentional right? i really need it to be intentional.
noooooo that's not real surely omfg
"Jon Bovi" lmao
Honestly I was so horrified over the grammar I missed that part 🤣


4 months ago

I feel like this is a so bad it becomes actually good and funny tattoo.
Wow. As soon as I noticed the first stroke of ink on my skin, I’d have stopped the entire process and walked out. What the fuck? Lol
at least those are just letters lol
that tat is halfway there
I feel like I'm having a stroke reading this
I have the family motto on either knee and one of the letters doesn’t exactly match the one on the other knee. It drives me nuts and I will eventually cover the mistake and get that redone below the original.
I have a comic book related wrist tattoo that I want to get removed, and then swiftly replaced with a full sleeve tattoo tribute to said comic books. 😌
I shouldn’t laugh but here I am. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
i like the tattoo itself and the idea but yeah...a tattoo is probably something you should really make sure is correct lol
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