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Celebrating Black History Month - Reasons Why Living Single was Really That Bish (ONTD Original)

We know them, we love them, we look up to them, want to be them. Living Single, the template for Friends was a really an iconic turn in what it meant to be a young black twenty something. Here are some reasons why the show is great and how the show still holds up after all these years.

1. The theme song (and dance)! Anytime OP watches, she acts out the dance. Like you have to, it's just legendary. The theme song performed by Queen Latifah (Kadijah James) was really icing on the cake. OoOoOoOH in a 90s kinda world, I'm glad I got my gorls

2. Synclaire and Overton! They are the ultimate #couplesgoals, so cute and quirky and totally in love. The sensible handyman and the sometimes naive free spirit always could make our hearts flutter with a sweet moment. woo woo woo

3. All those wonderful guest stars. Like who didn't pop up on this show - Gladys Knight, Giancarlo Esposito, Rita Owens, Heavy D, Eartha Kitt, TLC, Mario van Peebles, the list goes on and on! Here the cast recaps on some of their favorite moments

4. The wit and the banter are always on point without feeling too overdone. The scenes that involve the whole principal cast are always gold. Here's a classic clip when Black American Princess Regine is confronted by both her suitors and their appearance with the legendary Jennifer Lewis dealing with roommate conflict.

5. The multifaceted cast and the shattering of stereotypes. For OP this show holds much in its significance for highlighting a group of young black professionals just dealing with life and love. Always snacking Maxine Shaw was an Attorney-at-Law, Kyle was a stockbroker, Kadijah owned a magazine, Synclaire worked toward becoming an actress, Overton was a handyman and Regine even with her gold-digging ways became a television stylist. OP has heard from sources that everybody on Friends was like broke

6. It gave us some life lessons about being black in the work place. And chiiiiiiiiiiile if this shit don't ring true today!

7. Living Single IS Black History. The greater, Yvette Lee Bowser at the time was the first black woman to develop her own primetime series. She's also worked on Half&Half, A Different World and Hangin with Mr. Cooper.

8. The ebbing and flowing banter and romance of Maxine and Kyle. OP was too little to undertsnda the term "sexual tension" but yeah, they have it

9. The show's legacy and how each actor still loves their character. As a huge fan of the show and growing up and realizing its honest, funny and poignant moments - having the actors show love the show and the fans is just really endearing.

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Videos Sources 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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