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James Marsden, Christina Hendricks, D Smoke "Strahan, Sara, And KeKe"

-James Marsden visited "Strahan, Sara, And Keke" to promote his new film "Sonic", out Friday.

- Clips are shown of when James was on "The Nanny" and when his was in a country music group.

-James talks about the time Clive Davis approached him about maybe making an album of standards after Davies had seen him perform on "Ally McBeal".
James said the potential pressure of touring made him stick with acting.

-James said he had to connect with his inner child while filming "Sonic", since he was acting with nothing but a camera most of the time.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

-Hendricks spoke of her love for flowers and how she worked at a flower shop while waiting to see if "Mad Men" would get picked up.

- Wonders why her character on "Good Girls" does not worry more about covering her tracks like she would.

- Hendricks prom picture is shown.


-The winner of the Netflix talent competition "Rhythm and Flow" performs.


Tags: actor / actress, black celebrities, james marsden, keke palmer, mad men (amc), netflix, television - abc
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