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BOOM! comic's BtVS/Angel crossover event comes to a shocking conclusion

I haven't yet mustered up a solid opinion on the "season finale" of the Buffy comics. It moreso depends on where they are heading with all of the changes made from the source material. The last few issues have left me with more questions than answers and I my curiosity is peaked. I can genuinely say that I don't think I'll be dropping the comic series anytime soon.

- Buffy and Angel ventured off into the Hellmouth. Their adventures were chronicled in the crossover "Hellmouth" book while the supporting characters of their comic series took over.

- If Buffy and Angel's romance is to happen at all, it's at a very slow burn. There were hardly any romantic allusions to their interactions; mostly just Buffy questioning Angel and Angel serving half-answers. She finds out that he's a vampire and initially feels betrayed but ultimately saves him after he's possessed by Hellmother (the comic's version of The Master).

- Angel's comic series added nothing to the event. You could skip his series and you wouldn't miss anything.

- In Buffy's comic, the supporting cast dealt with Sunnydale missing their slayer after the Hellmouth opened.

- As Hellmother influences the men of Sunnydale to be violent aggressors, Anya swoops in to save the day. Anya is a completely different character than her television counterpart. Her entire character arc of being an ex-demon with zero social skills who is punished and forced to live a mortal life is gone. She knows more about everything that's going on than the watcher's council (later revealing that she turned down a role as a watcher).

- Anya reveals that Kendra was activated as slayer because Buffy left the mortal realm when she entered the Hellmouth, technically meaning that she was no longer alive. Kendra entered the Hellmouth in issue #5, so I'm guessing they'll use that as a way to introduce Faith without killing off Kendra.

- Robin's backstory is somewhat the same, as he reveals that he wants to be a vampire slayer to follow in his late mother's footsteps. No clue yet on if it was Spike who killed her.

- Buffy issue #12 and Hellmouth #5 is where things get wild.

- Willow uses a magic spell to help her friends when the influenced men are attacking. Because she gave half of her soul to save Xander, the magic she wields is dark and painful. Xander gives Willow back her soul; sacrificing himself to save Sunnydale.

- Hellmother possessed Angel and killed Drusilla. The Scooby Gang (Anya, Cordy, Kendra, Willow, and Rose) go into the Hellmouth to save the day. Willow does a magic thing, giving Buffy the opportunity to beat Hellmother.

- Willow, unable to cope with Xander's death, reveals that she's leaving Sunnydale for a while to go study abroad.

- The comics are playing around with alternate dimensions. Anya tells Giles that she's discovered dimensions upon dimensions, each with their own hellmouth. And then she tells Giles that the slayer BEFORE Buffy is going to be looking for him. Anya hints to a confused Giles that Buffy's predecessor is alive.

- Hellmouth ends with what I assume to be an alternate reality. Buffy and Xander are leaving Buffy's job when a vampire attacks and they are saved by... Willow... the vampire slayer???

- In April, Boom! will be releasing a one-shot supersized spin-off issue called Buffy: Every Generation. It will follow three different slayers in three different generations and one character, particularly, will be one of the most important new characters to be introduced to the Buffyverse in 20 years.

Also, book #2 (Chosen) of the YA novel series Slayer is out now. It's a fun read that I think is criminally overlooked by the Buffyverse fandom.

Source: my eyes + 1, 2, 3

OP is begging Boom! to bring back Dan Mora for illustrator. And support your local comic book stores.
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