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Last visit was in April after he announced. First two rounds, 2% of public. Most black and Hispanic voters haven’t voted yet. Sunny doesn’t feel IA and NH are representative and doesn’t think they matter. References rush clip, part of the depravity of this administration. Speaks up on behalf of MP. Biden defers on whether Iowa should go first anymore because he’s not going to be running again. Moves on to T45 bashing. We’re a laughing stock around the world. Ran to 1-restore dignity and soul, and 2-rebuild middle class, quotes stats. Joy brings up the money needed to run a campaign. Biden talks campaign donations this month, but doesn’t think people can buy an election. Feels he’s the only one who has already been totally vetted. Has had a target since he started and he’s still standing. Biggest thing is what are we going to actually get done for people in trouble. Talks health care. Joy wonders why no one has to answer when they allocate military funding. Whoopi brings up Yang’s plan [loool]. Biden talks about what Yang called the 4th industrial revolution. We can afford to give affordable healthcare without raising taxes. Sunny brings up Bloomberg who isn’t on the early state ballots but he’s polling pretty good. Asks about stop n frisk audio that came out. Biden chuckles, he’s faced everything he’s said in the last 40 yrs, but we’re just now learning about (vetting) of others. Talks about gun violence and the effect it has on black America.

Meghan quotes 45% who won’t vote for a ~socialist. Biden says the next Potus has to bring along the Senate. Talks about recent 2018 election, no one asked Sanders to come stump for them during those elections, but we won back the House. You can’t just beat T45 you have to win the Senate. Bashes T45 a bit, weaponized DOJ. Sunny mocks Collins who said he learned a lesson. Joy compares Benghazi to Burisma. Biden says everyone who testified said Biden did his job, drags Rudy Colludy the thug. Say T45 and his people are going after whoever the candidate is. But says he’s never been accused of ethics violations. Sunny brings up impeachment, no new witnesses in trial. Some thought Biden should’ve testified. Biden said no one asked him to testify. Then clarifies, T45 admin didn’t really want an investigation, just the premise that there would be one. Plus even Ukraine said nothing was wrong. Everything about him is corrupt, ironic that he’s supposed to be fighting corruption. Biden has released 21 yrs of tax returns, but T45 zero. Meghan mentions the viral elevator video, plays clip. Meghan wonders what other people are missing. Biden thinks it’s tough being in the media these days. You’ve got to get clicks, talking to a lot of senior reporters, you have to have a brand, which used to be only for opinion writers. And the free press isn’t the enemy of the people, Potus words matter, he’s got to go.

Jill joins. Heckler from Monday. Shows clip. Jill talks about what happened. Joy wonders if MelaniE would do the same thing doh. Joy mentioned his last visit, they’re going to get vicious, wonders if it has been as bad or worse. Jill says she can take anything as long as Biden is Potus. Joy wonders if Biden got mad enough. Wished they were back in hs and could get him in a room, but kidding aside. Says as Potus he can’t hold grudges, he can’t attack his kids, he needs to be above that. He talks about their family tradition, where any family member can call a family meeting. Tells the story about his grandkids. Panel talks about how awful T45 attacks have been. Joy mentions all the enablers. Biden reminds, we have to take the Senate, too. Sunny goes back to how Hunter is doing.

Sunny brings up Lindsey Graham, who still supports investigating Hunter. Biden mentions their old friendship – Biden, McCain, Graham – doesn’t know what happened to Lindsey. Joy says LG wants to stay in office but Biden says some things aren’t worth the job. Sunny thinks LG should be ashamed of himself. Meghan asks about Beau. Jill and Biden talk about their son. Says Beau was the fixer in the family. Beau was his soul. You can’t stand by and let someone like T45 who is the antithesis of who we should be, he hopes his son is proud of him.

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