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Vulture's 100 (7) Best Emo Songs

Vulture had a bunch of contributors make a list of what they thought were the top 100 emo songs of all time. They have songs from bands like Drive Like Jehu, Panic! at the Disco, Los Campesinos!, The Appleseed Cast, The Anniversary, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids, Taking Back Sunday, Cursive, At the Drive In and many, many more. But of course they are wrong, and they left out your faves, so please discuss their inclusions, and add their omissions in the comments. A small sampling of their choices:

#53 Rainer Maria - "Tinfoil"

Six moreCollapse )

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Did your fave make the cut?
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is anyone here from LA and has been to emo night? i wish they had something like that in nyc
Is it this or something different? Never been, but it looks like they're doing it all over.
oooh yes it is! i spot one 03/14 in nyc


February 13 2020, 21:17:29 UTC 1 month ago Edited:  February 13 2020, 21:18:36 UTC

Emo Nite has events all over the country, I bet they have a NY night coming up!

I've been to the ones they do in San Francisco. It's fun the first couple of times, just reminiscing with your friends and just like collectively singing along to the biggest emo hits and making requests, but after going like two or three times it gets old.


1 month ago


1 month ago


1 month ago

They have them in NYC! The "official" one is called Emo Nite LA but they have them all over the US. The "unofficial" one is called Emo Nite BK and also is all over the US? Idk the difference besides the LA one lasting til midnight and the BK one lasting til 4am.

Butttttt, the LA one is gonna be in NYC on March 14th and I'm def going!!!


1 month ago


1 month ago

Deleted comment


1 month ago

OA reminds me if one tree hill
Hello, high school.
the back of your mouth by the used is a song i really like
i loved that one and buried myself alive
Yellowcard's Only One was great for scream/singing
A Movie Script Ending was the song that got me into Death Cab. And I'll always have a soft spot for Hands Down, reminds me of high school in a good way.
man, that Get Up Kids album takes me back to a very specific time in my life lol. Glad to see "Action & Action" on the list!
Did Fall Out Boy make the list? Surely if MCR and Paramore did then they did too?
Yeah, Sugar We're Going Down makes the list.
Awesome! Thanks for checking for my lazy ass
Ctrl+F Jimmy Eat World...

#4 Sweetness

Nice. I was obsessed with The Middle though.

Sweetness is a BOP

I loved The Middle until I started to relate to it and sobbed en route to a job interview though lmao. What a weird time in life where you finally relate to a song from jimmy eat world
Lucky Denver Mint is on there too!!
This reminds me I randomly started singing I Woke Up in a Car the other day, idk where that came from, I was never even that into SC.
Helena is such a classic and it brings back memories!
Okay Youtube had a suggested video with a picture of Larry David after I played the Bright Eyes song. And for a second the ad faded out I stg Larry David was on the mirror in the Fevers and Mirrors cover. Really wish I got a screengrab of it. 😂
not to be biased but Helena not being #1 is illegal and I would like to sue.
This is the only valid take.

Helena is PEAK everything and is still perfect.
I object. The midwest emo classic “Never Meant” is the only appropriate song to be listed as number one in a top emo anything list.
I object!! Nothing could possibly be more emo than an entire generation of tweens who have about 10 public hairs in total carving themselves up with knives in the name of MCR!!!


1 month ago

This. I read the title of this post and told Alexa to play Helena.
see a lot of these bands ppl call emo i don't even think of as emo? like paramore or the used. granted i've only ever heard their hit songs so idk.
Oh no, The Used is full emo. Absolutely!
screamo lol
I think all the fueled by ramen bands get lumped together under emo but I def always thought of used as emo
Can't find Simple Plan's Welcome to My Life and Perfect so list invalid!

Hey, dad, look at me
Think back and look at me
Did i, grow up, according to plaaaaan?
Omg my boyfriend in high school who had a rough relationship with his dad listened to that song constantly
the van pelt? ethel meserve? christie front drive in the top 20?? well damn, that's ok!
wrong songs tho
I feel like Coheer should be higher but its just because I was obsessed with them in undergrad and they still fucking hold up.

Also In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth was such a good fucking album.

My Spotify account keeps putting Death Cab for Cutie and The Decemberists on my auto-playlists lately and I keep being mentally thrown right back to high school.
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