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Vulture's 100 (7) Best Emo Songs

Vulture had a bunch of contributors make a list of what they thought were the top 100 emo songs of all time. They have songs from bands like Drive Like Jehu, Panic! at the Disco, Los Campesinos!, The Appleseed Cast, The Anniversary, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Get Up Kids, Taking Back Sunday, Cursive, At the Drive In and many, many more. But of course they are wrong, and they left out your faves, so please discuss their inclusions, and add their omissions in the comments. A small sampling of their choices:

#53 Rainer Maria - "Tinfoil"

#50 Bright Eyes - "The Calendar Hung Itself"

#34 Death Cab for Cutie - "A Movie Script Ending"

#22 Dashboard Confessional - "Hands Down"

#9 My Chemical Romance - "Helena"

#6 Paramore - "That's What You Get"

#1 American Football - "Never Meant"

Source 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Did your fave make the cut?
Tags: list, music / musician (alternative and indie), my chemical romance, paramore / hayley williams
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hf american football and bright eyes
What place did Hawthorne Heights come?

They were my depressive album as a teen.
Didn't see them on the list. But yesss The Silence in Black and White was my "I'm so dark and depressed now so I'm going to SCREAM ALONG AND BE ANGSTY WHEN I'M MAD" album. It's still mostly enjoyable, though Ohio is for Lovers makes me cringe

Deleted comment

A lot of these bands I don't remember maybe they only stayed in the US.
I think they were just doing singles but Blue and Yellow >>>>> The Taste of Ink.

That whole album was amazing though.
All that I've got is one I can never understand the lyrics. Makes no sense to me.

A bit like Miss Murder by AFI.
God I love this song so so much.
Yea this was my fave on this album.
i don't know that many songs by the used, but i was OBSESSED with this song when i was 17 lol
Omg. This song got to me when I was younger lol.
Of all the DCFC songs
MCR for everything, ever.
i feel like 'i'm not okay' was def the song that pushed all the emo music to the mainstream during those early 00's
i hardly think this is considered an emo song by ANY means but you know what song still kicks me in the feels every time? konstantine by something corporate
It's on the list! haha
OH lol that song takes me places man
holy shit that song is so good


7 months ago

I was obsessed with Dashboard Confessional’s Turpentine Chaser and Again I Go Unnoticed. Really, that whole album.
If The Used isn't on there, I'm burning my Stuka.
my anthems were ofc helena and cute without the e
how the fuck did paramore and mcr, and those songs in particular, end up in the top 10?

I’m afraid to read the whole list.
haha, I know, right? I picked those bands bc they are the only ones here with tags, lol, but I wouldn't have categorized either band with American Football, so idk, man.
The article preceding the list really dives into the fully history of "emo" and how it ranged so intensely based on the year and even region. The Paramore choice is wild to me (not that they were included in emo but that they would choose THAT song to represent it), but come on, you can't say that My Chemical Romance wasn't emo and that I'm Not Okay and Helena (the two chosen songs on the list) aren't essential to the emo genre, especially as it stood in the mid-2000s.
idk what to tell you sis. I considered both of these bands pop punk at the time and I’m not sure who would have thought of them otherwise so this might definitely be a regional thing.


7 months ago

I was a Bright Eyes stan in high school but I haven't listened to Fevers and Mirrors (or anything before Lifted really) in yeeeears. I'm kinda afraid it'd bring memories of being a depressed mess of a teen, lol.
Man I need to study up, idk a lot of the songs on the full list D:

I feel like "emo" is kind of a meaningless term to define a genre though, as evidenced by the range of songs on this list and the constant dispute over what "emo" even is. I mostly just use it ironically these days.

Deleted comment

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